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    I posted awhile ago with 2 iphones that each had issues. Instead of trading off those 2, I combined them to form one decent phone. One black iphone 3g, 8GB up for trade. The camera isn't working correctly, but if taking photos is important to the recipient, I'm sure the connector to the motherboard just isn't pressed down all the way and I can take it apart again and make it happen. (it's not a fun science, certainly not made for large hands) No cracks or dead spots on the screen, just some case wear on the back.

    I'm looking for something I can use for my CHL or just about anything else. AK, 12 gauge, any handgun. Just not another .22 long rifle. Maybe even a nice case that can hold two rifles/long shotguns. I'll probably need to put up some cash on my end, which I'm fine with.

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