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Here is my replacement title suggestion for those who want to file an IP 43 draft title complaint:
Criminalizes possession or transfer of semi-automatic weapons (defined) or detachable magazines (defined), with limited exceptions.

I am going to file a complaint against the draft title. My suggested title is much less ambiguous and not as misleading as the current draft title. It might make some fence sitting gun owners a little less likely to sign the petition or vote for it, if it makes it on the ballot.
So here is my quick breakdown of changes and why:
Substituted semi-automatic weapons for assault weapons because assault weapons doesn't accurately describe what the proposed law is trying to ban. Semi-automatic weapons is a much more accurate description of what the proposed law is going to ban. I also substituted detachable magazines for high capacity magazines because many of the magazines that would be banned under the proposed law are standard or even low capacity magazines for there applications. So high capacity magazines is not only misleading but a false description of the facts. With those changes made, I was able to add one more word. And I chose to add limited next to exceptions. That accurately describes the proposed law in IP 43. There are very few semi-automatic weapon and detachable magazine exemptions provided in this proposed law. Let me know if you guys want to work together to file as many complaints as we can to bog this IP 43 down. arakboss out.

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