No, not the unrelated 1985 Chuck Norris of the same name. A little slice of Cold War paranoia about an invasion of the mainland US for your viewing enjoyment. It stars Gerald Mohr (radio personality), Peggie Castle (B-Movie staple), Dan O'Herlihy (of Robinson Crusoe fame), and Phyllis Coates (Lois Lane in Superman). Available in two flavors:


Properly treated by the wise-cracking residents of the SOL

Good movie. I like that pesky fact that the farm tractor manufacture had a problem using some of his production capability to make military army tanks instead of farm tractors. Considering what our made in USA heavy manufactured stuff is like today, (non existent!) it shows the contrast between THEN and NOW.

The nuke rocket into the dam was cool. The gun scenes where the blanks would not cycle the USGI "captured" M1 and M2 Carbines was funny. Must have been a low budget film. Blank adapters were common and accessible but for some reason were not used in the film. "He dead ... you now my woman!" Russian point of view.

I also liked the scene where the Washington DC fat good old boy politicians, (in this case sinisters and reprehensibles) being gunned down by the commies. Very funny. Also very serious and symbolic. The part I did not like was the final scene where it becomes known the whole thing was a hypnotic dream. WTF came to mind.

Overall a very good movie. Makes one think about what we had back then and what we do not have now. Heavy manufacturing capacity.

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