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    I have been on the forums here since 2010 but up untill recently just used it to look at firearms and on ocasion talk with like minded people. In the last year I have ramped up my training and PT regime and have started diving more into tactics. As they say "Amatuers debate gear, Profeshionals debate tactics"

    I have 2 companies that I am a partner in. One is Double Tap Patriot. we are a branding company that specializes in Pro-Constitutional clothing and gear. We are big on anything that involves freedom.

    My second company that I am a Partner in is called Bunker Hill Tactical. We manufacture Tactical gear and accessories, as well as represent Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades and are a vendor for Palmetto State Armory and a couple of other companies like that. We do alot with 80% paperweights.
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    Welcome aboard!

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