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    Hi, I've been a member of NW firearms for probably less than a year and thought it was high time to introduce myself. I've gleamed alot of good information from this site and met a couple cool people. I recently sold a pistol to a member here, it was my first private transaction and all went well, he came prepared with cash in hand, didn't try any last minute haggling, provided the transfer forms and a DL and CPL. Cosme92 I believe, for my first ftf I was a little nervous (and brought a little backup;p)- you never really know who your going to meet off of the internet and as soon as I met him I felt relieved, didn't feel sketchy about the transaction once I could put a face on the buyer. He bought for less than I was asking but for a good price, and he pm'd me his $ offer,i hate pm's that say "what's youre lowest price?" or "how much would it take for you to part with this?" If I already have a price posted, don't pm me with some abstract offer to pay less than I'm asking but no real offer. I prefer the counter offers- "youre asking this much-this is how much I'm willing to offer $$". That way I can consider your offer and accept it or turn it down, not pm back with a price lower than my ad-"well I was asking $500 so how about I sell it to you for $200 since you asked what my Best price is. I was secretly planing on selling it for $200 but thought I would post $500 for the heck of it" I also had several flake out buyers with great trades and cash offers that disappeared when it came time to do business. So the buyer that says what he's willing to pay and sticks to his guns is a great buyer in my book. Thanks Cosme for making my first transaction a good experience. I've been shooting for the last couple years, I bought a gun for self/home defense when I got married and all of a sudden protecting my family became very important, when I was younger and single I thought I was invincible and didn't have much interest in owning a firearm other than the very nice S&W .357 magnum revolver willed to me by my grandfather which I left with my mother for safekeeping. I'm now married and have a beautiful 10 month old daughter and have taken gun ownership very seriously. I've witnessed 2 shootings upclose and have had a gun pulled on me twice as well. I'm applying for my Washington cpl today, receiving my ctc laser grips via usps today and picking up my brand new CZ P01. Very excited. Unfortunately a side affect of all this has made me love shooting:) I consider myself a pretty good shot, with alot to learn. I have no family in Washington, so have taught myself, but my older brother has alot of experience and skill. He recently outshot 2 police departments at his local range, with only the range master outshooting him. I'm hoping it runs in the family. My dad is a vietnam veteran and can shoot circles around me as well. Hopefully by the next time I get together with my family this will have changed:) glad to be here, shoot safe and have fun!
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