I attended Four Corners Rod & Gun Club‘s inaugural “Introduction to Action Shooting: Basic Defensive Pistol Match” on 5 Feb ‘23. It will be a monthly event held on the first Sunday of each month from 0900-1300 on their short range and is open to novice and experienced shooters alike. One need not be a member to participate. Match fee is $5 for members, $10 for guests. As the title states the match is meant to impart the handling, marksmanship and safety skills needed for more advanced competitions sponsored by FCGC, IDPA, and IPSC.

There were 16 participants, including two who were in the age range of 12-14. The CoF was a single stage consisting of multiple IDPA scored targets arrayed at distances of 5-15 yards. Movement with the gun in hand and a mandatory reload was required. The start position was from a table but presentation from the holster was an option. The number of participants, combined with it being a single stage match enabled everyone to go through twice so bringing 100 rounds was more than enough to complete it. Future BDP matches will incorporate multiple stages. The match briefing was excellent and to the point, safety was emphasized and closely monitored by the RSOs who also contributed helpful comments about shooting the course and the tactics that could be employed.

It’s been decades since I shot competitively though I’ve made it a point to do live fire practice, static for the most part, 2-3 times quarterly. I found this program to be very well run and served its purpose as basic instruction for more practical application of the handgun as a defensive tool, and with the simulated stress of “competition”.

FCGC will also be starting a “Lever Gun Match“ on Saturday 18 February, 0900-1300 on the short range meant for lever action rifles of any caliber.

For more info on these matches and others go the Four Corners Rod & Gun Club web site.
Thanks for the write up @SKN . Glad to hear there was a good turnout. I was going to try and help with the event but was away at another class this month. It's expected to be on the calendar every month. Non-club member can reach out to the discipline director for access information. Website

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