Intratec AB-10 Cleaning

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    So I have put maybe a couple thousand rounds through this gun and have only ever cleaned it by putting the rod down the barrel and putting motor oil on the rod that enables the gun to insert and eject rounds.(it kept jamming last time out and motor oil is all we had) I finally purchased the gun, (was borrowing) and decided I should take it apart and clean and oil many of the parts. Apart by taking off the upper assembly and unscrewing the rear disk cap.

    So my question is should I put solvent on any thing I see; then wipe clean? And re apply a thin layer of oil? Also there are two springs, the recoil and striker springs. Should I put a good amount of oil on those as well? Or is there items in a gun that should not be cleaned and oiled?

    Thanks for any input.

    Also sorry about the gun grammar. As I am just not at all familiar with the terminology.
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