internet controlled security system?

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    Good day all, I have been thinking about getting one of those new security camera systems that have a dome camera that can be controlled by a smart phone or the internet. that also records several days of camera time as well as motion/record option. Does anyone else have one of these?. I am hoping to get some input on what the best brand would be, as i only want to have to buy this once. hoping not to have to waste my money through trial and error. been looking at the SWANN brand, is there a better option?
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    I have the following: a Linksys WVC80N Wireless-N Camera.

    This particular camera only allows you to look at the area where ever you point it. No motion control or night vision.

    It does offer recording capabilities, motion sensing, and email notifications.
    You can establish a recording schedule for example M-F 8am to 5pm.
    I have a home server in which case I use to store the recordings. I am able to access it from my phone because I have set it up using a static IP Address. They offer a service for $27 a month for accessing from anywhere but using a static IP address and making a few configurations on a router will yield the same results.

    The email notifications can include either pictures or a recording for 5 or 10 sec max when motion sensing is on. (I prefer the pictures.)

    I just ordered an upgrade which is: Foscam FI8910W. I just got it through a group on for 51% off. (The deal ended if not I would share the link)
    This particular camera provides the the ability to control the camera (pan and tilt), night vision, and a few other features that the other does not.

    I will follow up with an update if you would like.

    Apologies for any misspellings. Thumb typed on my way to work riding the bus.

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