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Of that 332,915,073 approximately 1 million are under the age of 21.
So... I'm questioning the math. :s0153:
On the math, maybe I'm missing something, but in the US population, about 80 million are under 21. Is this the number with permits or something like that?
OK I see what I did, left off a couple of zero's didn't I. I must not of carried the...

What I'm expressing is that the percentage of the people with a carry permit / license based on the total population of the USA is not the same percentage if those (the number I found is ~100 million under 21 you say 80 million) under 21 are removed from the total population.

To take it a step further many people can not legally possess a firearm, these people should also be accounted for.

I'd be interested in knowing the percentage of the population that is eligible to have a permit / license.

Now how many of the people are licensed / permitted by multiple states?

What about the states that have constitutional carry.
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