Interesting article on climate change from PNAS


I’m a skeptic of climate change. Actually I down right call BS that ANY of it is man made.
Mother nature controls this B.

Just look a actual facts and history.
Look in the changing or cycle of the earth axis. It moves slightly every year, after so many years the poles shift, and then shift back.
There proven facts that everything we’ve learned about history up to this time has been wrong.

Every major civilization in the world has been destroyed by climate change.

And lets not forget the sun. One large solar flare could wipe out technology overnight.
It could send the world back to the stone ages by one little solar fart.

They have proven the ability to be able to bring green back to barren deserts with little to no money, and without rain.

But people’s mentalities have become so advanced they refuse to use facts and proven techniques that don’t involve billions of dollars and high tech
;)Lars interviews Ray Mabus, the Secretary of the Navy from 2009 to 2017. He says CC is a big threat to the military.

There are reports by the military online that say CC is a big threat.
Climate change threatens a majority of mission-critical military bases, Pentagon report says

Maddog Mattis believes it is a threat:
Mattis: 'Climate change' is a national security threat

DOD report:

It is a HUGE threat to gun rights. How? If "our" side denies CC, and the other side gains more and more power because our side sits and denies it while more people become believers, many of them will be antis, and we know what that means. Our side needs to get serious about the science of CC. Can the Oregon carbon tax scheme make a difference? No, Oregon is insignificant, but our side should propose free market solutions to help reduce CO2 emissions, even if we don't believe in CC, just to make it look like we are serious about it. Many folks might prefer free market solutions instead of Government mandates - a win for "our" side.

One idea, allow (not require) property owners to implement energy saving measures, as long as it's done safely, with no restrictions from HOAs, zoning rules, etc. For example this could include installing solar panels (PV and thermal), heat reflecting paints and coatings, awnings/shutters/insulation on windows, etc.

Is CO2 a greenhouse gas? If it is, does it make sense that more of it will make the planet warmer? How does it work? This 5 minute video sounds about right:



They use gun control the same way they push climate change.

Manipulate that facts to fit your agenda and use fear tactics to push it to the masses.

People make billions off climate change.
Follow the money.

The crap their pushing in oregon was based off false information and one of the guys Brownstain used to push it was also tied into a company that traded carbon credits and stood to make millions if passed.
I’m not able to connect keeping our gun rights to believing in climate change.

It isn’t man made. Cut and dry.

I hope you are correct. I still think it is worthwhile to understand the physics of how CO2 and other green house gases affect infrared radiation emitted by the earth, so our side has a solid leg to stand on when we say it is not man made. ;)
Argh...this again. This is a global “ these aren’t the droids you’re looking for“ scenario. Or a closer analogy: “this here Ar15 is responsible for the deaths of gazillions of children in the United States every year, with full semi auto assault clips they can fire 5000 rounds a second. No other nation in the world experiences violence anything like this“....”Yes siree, you got trouble, right here in River Ciy”....”We don’t want to take your guns”....”If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor under this plan”......’Nuff said.
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Personally, I think that our impact on CC is miniscule at best. If we really wanted to reduce the human part of the equation we would have to drop human population levels dramatically.

But I do think that we have a responsibility to clean up after ourselves - whether it is the release of toxins, garbage, etc. This is no different than cleaning up a shooting pit, not dumping crap out of your car, etc.

So, in line with that, we need to focus on the low-hanging fruit and get most all of the politicians out of office. ;)
One of the sane experts on climate IMHO is Meteorologist Joe Bastardi, who is now with Weatherbell, one of the premier long range weather forecasters on the planet.
If you want a well written book about where this CC hysteria came from, what it's real goals are, and the manipulation of historical weather records, I urge you to buy and read his latest book.
If you get tired of the regurgitated "Hottest, Driest, Most Extreme,Etc.,Etc." drumbeat, subscribe to Joe Bastardi's Twitter feed. It's like a breath of fresh air every day.
He sticks is neck out every day, every week, making long range predictions based on both various computer models along with an exhaustive reference library of past events.
He goes to great lengths to explain what influences weather on a global scale, what is coming days,weeks, months in advance.
Like Judith Curry, not a "denier", but pissed off the "science" of what he has spent his whole life studying has been Hijacked and distorted by those with a political (and monetary) motivation.
Interesting guy, still pumping Iron and competing. Outspoken , yet with humility and a belief in a higher power.
The older I get, the more I appreciate people that know what they are talking about, and are willing to stand up and debate.
My one and only Twitter account I follow.


The Heretic

Broken record time for The Heretic:

Climate Change is just a symptom of the much bigger problem; Carrying Capacity.

Whatever you feel about the cause of Climate Change, it is happening. You would have to be blind to not see it - but if you wish, go ahead and stick your head in the sand if you must, won't change the outcome. Ditto for politics (there will be change to address the issue) - the cause being more or less irrelevant as we have to make changes to mitigate the effects regardless.

So I am not going to argue that (the issue is moot IMO) - I just recommend that you prepare not just for Climate Change, but also for the long term SHTF scenario of Carrying Capacity which is not being addressed or even really talked about by many.

I am prepping for these issues even though I won't be around for the climax (I will be dead and gone by then); my 'kids' (daughter and her husband) will be around for it though.

Just got 'buy in' from both on my plans for them to weather the scenarios; when I retire in a year or two I will buy the appropriate land needed, build or remodel a shop on the land to have small living quarters for me in the spring to fall (I will travel during the winter as long as I am able), and they will build a house on that land for them. It will be mostly self-sufficient (with regards to water, septic, heating and electricity) and capable of producing food. Should the grid fail or get too expensive, the solar power will mitigate that enough to where they can survive.

Land, water, food and energy are only going to get more expensive - and have been getting more expensive for decades (even adjusted for inflation). This has a knock on effect for prices in everything else as people have to adjust for each of these necessary expenses. It is simple arithmetic that a third grader can understand; finite resources divided between more and more people, means each category will cost more.

Then there are the possible failure events; electricity grid, water systems, droughts, floods, earthquakes, wildfires - some of which (e.g., wildfires, droughts and floods due to climate change) will probably only get worse over time. Some failures will cause other failures; grid problems can cause wildfires (e.g., Calif.) and vice versa (wildfires can take down grids), floods and droughts can and often do cause crop failures.

So it isn't just Climate Change or Carrying Capacity as other events need to be prepared for in the same manner, but with Climate Change & Carrying Capacity it isn't a 'what if' scenario, it isn't even 'when' it happens, it is happening now, albeit gradually - but certainly - if you are paying attention, you will notice, but it is happening and will continue to happen, ignoring it won't make it go away.

Best case scenario - some miracle happens where humans stop procreating altogether, population growth flattens, there is not a big die off, people stop polluting, somebody finds a way to cleanup the environment, humans stop overfishing the seas, and there is plenty of food, water and energy for everybody.

If you believe that can happen, you haven't been paying attention to history or how humans act, and I have some great land in the Okefenokee to sell you - or if you prefer, a bridge in Brooklyn where you can charge tolls and become a billionaire.

Good luck.
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