interested in a westside shoot?

a member has expressed interest in bring some FA over and shooting, thinking bout turning into a group shoot. just testing waters here, nothing official.

who's in?

destination = sherwood, OR
Hello all,

I am the Class III dealer that will be bringing about 4 machine guns and some suppressors.

I will be charging per mag and per belt. Once I order up all the ammo I will figure out the price per mag/belt.

Thanks for hosting this Friskydingo.

Email me for more information on the weapons and to reserve how many mags/belts you will fire at the shoot.

You will get discounts if you buy multiple mags etc.

Class III Dealer/FFL
there is many way we could approach this. the best way i think is here

shooting from the field there is my patch of woods, the river is about 20 feet higher on the other side, and is a lot of wooded area on the other side that isn't ever visited. then beyond that is a open field that wasn't farmed this year, then beyond that is river, and a lot more wooded area.

red line is property limits.

blue line shows a dirt road that is there right now.
Which FA guns will you be bringing? What calibers?
Ok guys here it goes.

I will be bringing the following

1. Belt Fed RPD - 7.62x39
2. HK G36 - .223
3. M16 - .223
4. Glock 18c - 9mm
5. HK MP7 - 4.6x30 (this is a maybe as I haven't received it just yet)

The price per -

Belt 25 dollars
.223 mags - 12 dollars
30 round glock mag - 8 dollars
40 round mp7 mag - 15 dollars (again hopefully will have this for the shoot)

I will also be bringing out a bunch of suppressors so we can have some...quiet time as well.

Lets get a date and time Frisky!!!!


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