Interarms Polish Underfolder AK 47

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    We just got in the Interarms AKMS- Polish Underfolder (Wood stock sets).
    Here is the info:

    Interarms Polish Underfolder Onsale for September for $595.00Normal price will be $610.
    We are pleased to offer the Interarms AKMS Polish Underfolder semi-auto rifle (7.62 x 39) with Wood stock set. These are very nice AK Rifles and at a price that is unbeatable for this level of quality. They are built on Polish part kits, required US part, chrome lined barrel, and finished in a Parkerized finish. They are backed by a factory warranty. The include the following:

    • Limited Lifetime factory warranty
    • 16 inch chrome lined barrel with removable tradition AK 47 brake
    • US made parts are- Barrel, Hammer, Trigger, Disconnect, Receiver, and pistol grip.
    • Bayonet lug
    • Chrome lined barrel
    • Includes one 30 round mag
    • Redish brown wood stock set Military Surplus
    • Parkerized finish
    • Removable AK 47 brake/flash hider
    • 7.62 x 39 caliber
    • Shipped in your choice of standard box or Plano hard case for protection.

    To place an order please go to RRC Firearms

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