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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by MountainBear, Feb 16, 2010.

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    I picked up this AK the other day from Pogi, thinking maybe getting a quality gun would get me into AK's. Turns out I like the platform well enough, just not this particular variant.

    So this is a Polish Tantal AK built by Interarms with the original barrel. No keholing issues like the Century Arms build. It is in 5.45x39. It shoots really well. I was surprised by its accuracy. With the easy recoil, the wire stock is not an issue. Its just a really nice rifle. No sight cant. Perfect bore, only wear is the safety line on the receiver. The parkerizing is great. It will come with two mags and the bi-pod. Comes with a red bakelite grip, not the black in the photo...

    I have two more mags and 1080 rounds of surplus ammo in a spam can for the right deal. The extras will be available after the rifle sells only if the rifle buyer does not want them.

    I would like to trade this for a heavy barrel/long range/sniper set-up Remington in either .308 or .30-06' (as that is what I'm set up to reload). Extras would be nice. I can add cash for the right deal (tax return on the way). Open to other trades as well. Maybe a Glock or other quality pistol (no Taurus) and cash. No SKS or shotguns please...

    The Interarms Tantals are right around $695 on Gunbroker, so I'm asking $675 (what I paid)for the rifle, two mags, and bi-pod only. I would accept a cash offer at this level as well. Its reasonably priced, so keep your offers reasonable as well please. The ammo is worth another $200, the extra mags an extra $50. Email is the best way to reach me please, as it comes right to my phone...

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