WTS OR Integrity Implements D2 Steel Macro Drifter

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    Integrity Implements
    “Macro Drifter” (looking for $200) w/Custom Sheath and cammo.
    macro drifter in scales.jpg
    Name: Macro Drifter (Made By J.G)
    Handle: Handshaped PNW Cherry, stained and coated on our Black Ash.
    Blade profile: Custom Drifter Tech Macro
    Method: Handmade, All in house.
    Series: Custom (Limited Run)
    Steel: D2 tool steel
    Thickness: 1/4 th inch
    Size: 8 x 1.75 inches
    Weight: 5.5oz
    MSRP: $249 (+100 custom sheath and cammo)

    Our Custom's are limited run items, this one the MACRO DRIFTER. Details are manually milled by eye, INHOUSE, from D2 steel bar stock (NO BLANKS, or OVERSEAS pre-work, etc) All finished by hand by eye and heat treated in our own forge/kiln process, then tempered.
    This customs grips are a nice set of hand shaped cherry wood, bonded to the one piece fixed edge blade, held firmly in place by stainless steel cross pins, and finished in our clear treatment.
    Custom SHeath with camo motiff +$100 during order
    "All our work is done in house, no blanks, no outsourcing, materials sourced in the US, work done in the Pacific Northwest, USA. Each one by hand, so everyone is unique."
    macro drifter in scales.jpg Macro Drifter.jpg glow.jpg

    Macro Drifter One.jpg
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