Instock Once Fired Brass, Tumbled, Hand Inspected .45 Auto/ .223/ 40S&W/ .38 Spc/ 9mm

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    I currently have once fired brass for sale that has been hand inspected and ran through tumbler. I use USPS flat rate shipping small orders at $5.00 and large orders $10.00 so it just depends on how much you order. If you are interested please email me at I take payments through Google checkout which is just like Paypal or checks/money order.

    Price List:
    40 S&W 500ct $26.00 (Winter Special)
    .45 Auto 500ct $34.00 (Winter Special)
    9mm 500ct $25.00
    .223 (Military 5.56mm) 250ct $22.00
    .223 (Commercial) 250ct $21.00
    .38 Special 500ct $32.00

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