Instant Jihad Redux: be safe out there

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    Man Arrested in Washington for Trying to Run Marines Off the Road Tied to Terror Plotters
    Why “behavioral profiling” is so important, shave his beard, put on a hat to hide the prayer bump and hello Joe Schmo.

    Looks like another case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome has nabbed Seattle police another terror suspect.

    Here’s a portion of the news report.

    Filing charges Tuesday, prosecutors claim Michael D. McCright swerved at a government-owned sedan carrying the uniformed sergeant and another noncommissioned officer on July 12. The men were uninjured, and were able to report the license plate of McCright’s Geo Metro to the Washington State Patrol.

    In charging papers, prosecutors claim McCright – who allegedly goes by the alias Mikhial Jihad – had been in contact with Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, who, along with another man, is accused of forming a plot to attack the South Seattle military processing station.

    “Investigators have confirmed that the cell phone used by the defendant … was used on at least three occasions to contact Abdul-Latif prior to Latif’s arrest by federal authorities,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Gary Ernsdorff said in court documents. “The FBI is continuing to investigate defendant McCright’s possible connection to domestic terrorism.”

    Abdul-Latif, 33, and Los Angeles resident Walli Mujahidh, 32, were arrested weeks before the incident allegedly involving McCright and have since been indicted on terrorism charges.

    The men are accused of plotting a suicidal attack on a military induction and processing center – the Military Entrance Processing Station – on East Marginal Way South in Seattle.

    Federal prosecutors claim Abdul-Latif, idolizing Osama bin Laden and angered by American military actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen, and Mujahidh planned to storm the center with automatic rifles and grenades in order to kill recruits and Department of Defense employees working there. The plot was allegedly thwarted in the 11th hour after another Muslim man approached by Abdul-Latif in late May went to Seattle police, then acted as an informant.

    Read more: Prosecutors: Lynnwood man who attacked Marines tied to South Seattle terror plot defendant -

    I should note that this story from the Seattle PI misspelled his alias, the correct spelling is “Mikhail” although they did better than several other local news outlets I checked that stated his alias as “Michael” Jihad… *sigh*

    The suspect also has a MySpace profile that should set off some red flags.

    About me:
    What’s really crackin? Asalaamu Alaykum to all the Muslim around the world! I am currently in seek on penpals from all over the world, both local and internationl. I am also in seek of a woman for a friendsship but ultimately a relationship. I may be what you have been looking for so get at the kid! I am in seek of meeting people from Arabian peninsula as well as North and East Africa. I would also encourage non muslims to hit me up as well. I am currently incarcerated so it is a must that you write me a letter first because I don’t have e-mail access at the time. I get releases next year so don’t waste any time. My contact information is below, I hope to hear from you soon.

    The fact that he started using the name “Mikhail Jihad” when he became Muslim also says quite a lot. Michael McCright is a multiple convicted felon and had served six years behind bars for robbery. This begs the question, did McCright become a convert to Islam while in the federal prison system, and if so is the prison investigating. This is yet another example of the legitimate need for rep. Peter King’s hearings into Islamic extremism in the United States, the latest of which focused on radicalism in the prison systems. It’s not so strange that jihadis and jihadist sympathizers all seem to know each other online, the internet has become a breeding ground for terrorists but it’s also another useful tool for law enforcement.

    This story also makes me wonder what the reaction to this latest development will be from the Seattle branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Though they probably don’t have time to respond while they’re busy being offended by the FBI during a “Muslim outreach workshop”. If I had to place a bet I would say … *crickets*
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    This guy lived and grew up here, and he wants to be one of them? This is a traitor of the lowest form. A big thank you to the (other Muslim man) who blew the whistle on this Pig! This could be living in a neighborhood near you. What a pile of crap. This is what diversity and tolerance pays for folks, and you can count on it that the Council on American Islamic Relations wont touch this with a ten foot pole.
    Seattle, Portland or downtown middle eastern Oregon, keep your damn guard up folks because their there, and they wont be caught by the FBI 100% of the time. Thanks for sharing A.I.P.
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    This is the crux of the problem.
    Political correctness will be the death of this country.
    I shouldn't have to tolerate murder plotting terrorists.
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    Why is it that guys who are practically r etarded get co-opted into being "terrorists" all the time? 'Cause it's easy! Anyone with any agenda could go out and find a dozen of these r etards to blow up buildings or attack cops or whatever they want. Reminds me of the guy in PDX who tried to blow up the Christmas tree ceremony, the guy who thought his undies would blow up an airplane, the dude with explosive kicks, the two guys who blew up the vans at the WTC, and on and on. As long as there are weak-minded desperate people, someone will be there to convince them to go jihad on someone else.
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    Again, "Tolerance is the virtue of a man with no convictions". Greydog.
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    Anyone who plays "chicken" driving a Geo Metro is mentally suspect.
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    Alternative interpretation: Tolerance is what motivated "the other Muslim guy" to come forward. Hostility to everything not "white bread" will cause "the other whatever guy" to stand back and watch the fireworks.
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