Insight into squawfish fishing around Portland?

Discussion in 'Northwest Fishing' started by DeanR, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. DeanR

    Portland OR

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    I'm still unemployed and thinking I might try squawfish fishing for $ starting in May. Anyone done this, or have any things/places to try out or avoid? I might even do some scouting up the Gorge since there is a check-in station at Cascade Locks.
  2. 100$bill

    vancouver Wa

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    The water is a bit too cold on the Columbia right now for squawfish.. 42 degree water last weekend. When the water gets above 55 degrees, it gets going good. I fished squawfish in the early 1990's when I was unemployed. I ended up with a set up that will sound kinda wierd. I used 5 or 6 ft cheapo trout rods, spinning tackle, 6 lb test line and a small hook ( long shank size 10).. right on the bottom, close to structure and shore, sandy bottom, with just a trace of current. It works best if you have a couple others guys as they school up. Anyway we'd get some fried chicken, especially the thighs and peel off the skin, cut that into small strips and put that on a couple hooks with a long leader a foot or so apart with a sliding sinker ( kinda like a sturgeon set up but a lot lighter). Once you catch one, keep the bait in the same place ( rig extra rods) andyou can catch 'em one after another, as long as you keep the scent in the water
  3. eldbillbo

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    they really like KFC i think its the grease . I used other fried chickens but the KFC gets more bites
  4. elsullo

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    I've been thinking about this too, so have a couple of lame questions: does the Gummint pay cash with no ID required? or by check with a paper trail, taxes, etc? I have heard that guys made some serious money in past years, but gas was cheaper then. Do you think that you can make more than gas money this year?.............................elsullo

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