INFORM: New gun-control bill for 2014 and pro-gun rights rally on the 19th

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by tiggers97, Jan 7, 2014.

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    A little off topic, but considering the potential impact, I thought at least one post is warranted to let as many people know as possible.

    Word from Oregon Firearms Federation is that the Oregon Senate judiciary committee will be meeting January 17th to consider a new "universal background check" bill (LC 154) for the special session from February to March. Actual draft has not yet been posted for review at the time of this post.

    Luckily, if you don't already know, there is a pro-gun rights rally scheduled for January 19th at the Oregon capitol, starting at noon, by the same folks who organize the large rallys attended by thousands last year. If your in Oregon and can make the trip (and bring along a few buddies while your at it) try and make it even bigger this year.

    If you can/cannot go, still be active and participate! Be sure to
    1) Spread the word to your local gun shops and ranges. The more people that know, the more that can plan to attend (or write to their representatives), the louder our message!
    2). Be sure to write/call/email your legislator and let them know! ("Remember Colorado", or "have you been talking to Bloomberg" might be a good message :tongue_sm)
    3) P.S. Don't forget about the Senate Judiciary members!;;;

    Or thank judiciary Sen. Kruse and Betsy Close for last years support of the 2A;;
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