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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by hm1ing, Oct 21, 2009.

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    I have a BSA .308 bolt action, but can't locate any info on it? When researching BSA all I find is on air rifles... Trust me this is no air rifle! Well maybe it parts the air

    Does anyone have history on them or this rifle?
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    I've seen a few come through the gun shops I've worked in over the last several years. They don't seem to be anything special, but they do look to be solid little guns.

    From what I can find, BSA was importing both centerfire and rimfire rifles into the US until 1987. They came in several different models and grades and the value depends on what you have. The Blue Book of Gun Values does have them listed...

    "Bolt Action Rifles" by Frank de Hass and Wayne Van Zwoll has a section on these rifles. You should be able to pick it up on Google or Amazon...
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    What do you want to know? There were, IIRC, at least fthree different actions and four different grades built using a much-modified design and over-engineered version of the Mauser action. To say that they are strong, even in the short action version, is a serious understatement.

    As the other poster notes, nothing TOO exciting, but good honest workmanlike guns that can, and do, take a lot of use. Still found over here in comparatively large numbers as estate guns, along with the Parker-Hale equivalent. They were latterly imported by Herters as the 'U-9' actioned sporter.

    I actually HAVE the Frank de Haas book - do you want me to copy the pages and send them to you? PM me if you do.

    In any case, the gun will be well-sprinkled with proof marks that can tell us when it was made.


    PS - read your PM.

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