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Indoor Shooting? Anyone Else With Issues?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Pops1911, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Pops1911

    Pops1911 Cinebar/Issaquah Well-Known Member

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    Disclaimer- until I moved to the West Side I had NEVER shoot in an indoor range. All of my shooting good, bad and indifferent has all been out doors; even if raining. I will admit again that I'm an old dog who occasionally has problems with new tricks. So here goes:
    I have issues with shooting at indoor ranges I have discovered. The indoor ranges are apparently great but I am beginning to see that I cannot shoot worth bubblegum indoors and that grieves me.
    In no particular order, my reasons: 1) The lighting- cannot see what I am doing all that well. My sight picture is difficult to maintain. Follow through? pfffftttt! 2) Who are all these people anyway? I seem to end up bracketed between "guys" on either side of me who are blasting away and I am getting their hot brass raining down on my head. Are they safe? Are they knowledgeable? "Not so close friend, I don't know you well enough". 3) I have always shot with friends or family. [OK, the Army was different and a long time ago] Wearing the needed hearing protection totally cuts off any meaningful interactions with others back of the firing line. With friends we could call a cease fire and jawbone a bit about what/how we were doing. 4) When I feel the concussion on my face from another bay's shooting that unnerves me. Stirs up really old stuff I don't chose to re-live.
    Not a rant, really. Just curious if I just need some more time in a bay crowded by other shooters on either side shooting in their own bays to adjust. Thanks...Pops
  2. edslhead

    edslhead Vanc Gold Supporter Gold Supporter Silver Supporter

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    All that, and you cant shoot the 300 win mag.:p
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  3. Pops1911

    Pops1911 Cinebar/Issaquah Well-Known Member

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    I guess that also leaves out the Barrett 50cal?!?
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  4. The Nothing

    The Nothing PDX Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    I just had family move to Cinebar...
    that said...

    I've never shot at an indoor range. I'm not claustrophobic, but the idea raises the anxiety a bit. I am cheap, though, and I really can't justify the cost until the gas prices jump up again and make driving to the mountains more expensive (and even then I'd go to EP and still be outside).

    Curious. Does the sight problems make you question home defense capability? I always figured indoor ranges would be lit up more that I light up my house.
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  5. B1911

    B1911 Seattle area Member

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    I'm more used to shooting indoors, so can't help you much. However, I did want to offer the suggestion of electronic hearing protection that allows you to hear conversation while cutting off the loud stuff. I have "Pro Ears" gold, but there are more economical options too.
  6. Mikej

    Mikej Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    That ^^, I use electronic muffs AND plugs..
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  7. easy-e

    easy-e Burien, WA Member

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    I use muffs and plugs as well. Las t time I was at an indoor range it was Champion in Kent and there were a few guys next to us shooting 45's and the smoke was crazy. Not sure what kind of ammo they were using. The girl who was with them was in high heels too.

    *Edit* I grew up in Issaquah and shot at the range there so I've always been used to shooting outside and greatly prefer it but sometimes it's not the most convenient option. Indoor ranges also tend to be open later in the evening.
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  8. P7id10T

    P7id10T West Slope Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    I _thought_ about going to in indoor range, once. It ended with the thought.
    I hear ya, though.
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  9. mcfoto

    mcfoto Newberg Active Member

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    I hear you (pun intended). When the weather is wet and cold I'm tempted to go indoors but the last time I went to Threat Dynamics someone was shooting a howitzer in the next bay. Not only did the boom penetrate my moderately-priced hearing protection, I felt percussion in my chest. Back to my outdoor range, rain or shine.
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  10. 45 for me

    45 for me Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I shoot at Johnson Creek, and it is too dark for me to see the sight picture clearly with black target sights and a black target. That did make me worry about home defense capability. I have transitioned to fiber optic or night sights on my pistols. I have also mounted a light and laser combo on my HD pistol. I can tell you from one experience of clearing the house after an intruder at 4:00am, that a light is the most important feature. You don't want to be fumbling with light switches.

    Also, I agree the electronic muffs are cheaper now days, and work pretty well. As for the rest, I guess you'll have to deal. But yes, outdoors is always more fun. Indoors is more convenient.
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  11. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim West of Oly Springer Slayer 2016 Volunteer

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    I feel all cooped up at indoor ranges, like clostrifobic plus all the spent gun powder gives me chest pains!!!
    Outdoors only for me.
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  12. etrain16

    etrain16 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I really dislike shooting indoors. I was a member at Johnson Creek but left after the first year and a big part of it (aside from the fixed 50' shooting distance) was the fact that even with both plugs and muffs, it was uncomfortable to shoot for more than about 30-40 minutes. Now I'm at a club that does have an indoor range, but I never use it - I'd rather shoot in the rain than deal with the indoor range.
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  13. shootnscoot

    shootnscoot Wa Well-Known Member

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    My biggest problem with them is that they are incredibly boring, stand in one spot and make hole in paper..move it further back or forwards, repeat..leave. No moving, holster work, just stuck in your little bay and shooting straight forward. All while paying a pretty penny for said privilege. The only thing I like is that you can rent things and try out all sorts of firearms first hand.
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  14. Flopsweat

    Flopsweat Slightly right of center Well-Known Member

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    I shoot outdoors unless it's below 40 and raining. It's quieter and I like being outdoors.
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  15. BlackRyder

    BlackRyder Edmonds Well-Known Member

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    Ha. I have the opposite problem- I learned on an indoor range and have a hard time focusing when I shoot outdoors! Follow through goes to hell and I'm constantly breaking my sight picture to look around. I definitely prefer the overall experience of outdoor target practice though. I just need more time doing it.
    I agree that the close proximity to yahoos that results from patronage of an indoor range can be insanely annoying. Especially when the guy next to you is shooting a .44 mag. I've come to find the experience of being hit in the head with someone else's hot brass to be kind of funny though. I look at it as an opportunity to practice staying focused in adverse conditions. And I always wear a brimmed cap now, too.
  16. NWGlockgal

    NWGlockgal Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Threat Dynamics? Come on up to Chehalem Mt and use Newberg Rifle and Pistol Club :)
  17. Doc In UPlace

    Doc In UPlace Tacoma-ish Well-Known Member

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    Add poor ventilation or freezing outdoor air pumped in during winter to the bad lighting, lowest common denominator shooting rules, and that's my experience too.

    I agree that flying brass and muzzle blast are distracting, but can be helpful in maintaining concentration. It isn't gonna be easy having a gunfight in a 10 x 12 room at 4am, either. :)

    If you live in a dense urban area, though, it's a choice between that indoor stuff and an hour's drive -or more- to where the cows hang out....

    Alternatively in our neighborhood, you could belong to an expensive outdoor range (Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club) that is obsessive about rules and doesn't give a hoot about practical pistol.
    The rifle range is dominated by Elmer Fudds with their portable weather stations, chrono screens and shooting one round per five minutes from a lead sled, so you have to wait forever to change targets. Bleh.
    BTW I doubt if many of those guys could hit a house if they had to stand and shoot freehand.

    I'm a member of The Marksman out on Canyon Road (in Puyallup) and though it suffers from most of the problems listed in the thread, the staff is pretty cool and that makes up for a lot of sins.
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  18. WillametteWill

    WillametteWill Willamette Valley Active Member

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    All valid points / issues / complaints...
    But I still kind of look at it like the old fishing saying. A bad day shooting is better than a good day at work. Okay, maybe the day I blew up a gun wish I had been at work! It can be distracting but as other said, I try an use this to work on my concentration. The indoor range at my local club (Four Corners) is for .22 only and has good ventilation so it's great shooting there.

    When I'm out of state on business the range I frequent is a hybrid, indoors where you are shooting from but the targets are under a semi-open roof. Still has ventilation but better than a complete indoor. I'll admit when shooting some reloads with less-than-clean powder it still gets pretty smoky. This range limits the size of guns but a short barreled 40 next to you still peels your face back with each shot. Plugs and electronic muffs still doesn't help with that.
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  19. Koda

    Koda Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter 2016 Volunteer

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    I've never understood why so many people want to spend a lot of extra money to stand in one spot and not practice any of the skills needed to use a gun in self defense....
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  20. decklin

    decklin WA Well-Known Member

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    I shoot just fine indoors but I don't like too.
    Things to consider for me is cost, ventilation, close proximity to a lot of people with little to no skill, can't draw from the holster (why bother selling holsters and belts then?), can't move and shoot, practice various shooting positions both orthodox and unorthodox, etc.
    I much prefer the outdoors.
    It's as close to free you can get and I use it as an excuse to do some off-road exploration and find some new camping spots.