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ok gents... anyone have some good tips or something I’m missing here?

I’ve been working slowly with an indoor growing operation and I’m curious of any of you do as well. Mainly looking for input from veggies because I’m not growing for flower, only veg state.

I started with a single grow light and only used to keep some plants alive during the winter. I then expanded to add more room and start growing (starting) my plants for outside from seed.

My goal is to produce my own lettuce supply, basil and cilantro for preserving and maybe a little sales on the side.

I currently have two heating pads and two 300W LED lights above the outfit. I am very cautious about moving any plants from outside to inside to eliminate any potential pest issues.

Started out: single light and single heating pad.

After a few weeks I was constantly rotating my stock to keep them from growing at angles:

Everything did well right below the light:


Current indoor:
Two LED lights from Amazon. Set to run 18hrs a day on timers. Full wrap with reflective bubble wrap.

What I moved outside (tomatoes and vine plants... cucumbers and zucchini). My peas are planted in backyard already and have grown 20x since being moved outside.

Current growth:
These were around 2” tall last weekend. Last weekend I added a bonemeal and bloodmeal tea to the bottom of their trays. They soak it up within a couple days and have been exploding with growth.
545CD2DF-C352-4069-B0AB-662EAA7E111E.jpeg 967543B7-6D63-4726-BA5B-C3072F399102.jpeg

I wish I had more room right now to expand into more plants and self pollinators. Hopefully by next year I’ll have my shed built out back with the attached greenhouse. I’ll do my best to allow for year round growth with the assistance of supplemental lighting. Power company excluded, I am working on being as productive as I can be on our .25 acre city lot to hopefully produce the majority of the fruits and veggies we consume.

I also am dabbling in keeping my strawberries off the ground.... gutter or PVC.. what works best?

Topped off with espalier apple trees. I have two more in the backyard that need their trellis but I may grow those in a single cordon layout to be different.

There are grapes as well. I will have at the end of this year around 40 starts planted across the property. Goals are to make juice from the concord and raisins from the table varieties. I started with buying 3 plants almost 3 years ago and have been productive to multiply my investment. I’m cheap but also not an idiot when people want $5-20 per grape start...

Guess that’s what happens when you enjoy plants.
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Looks like if you get tired of veggies you are all set to grow your own pot :p.

Looks like a good system and you've already made your future plans.

Outdoor clear 'covers' will let you grow outside further into the fall by using the light to keep the plants warm.

I can keep my wife's house plants alive but my yard grows weeds and berries better then pretty much anything else so I gave up on gardening.


@Dyjital consider asking over at survivalmonkey.com in the green patch section. They would be all over this!
Thanks. I don’t know of many boards that aren’t devoted to indoor pot growing. While similar... I have no interest in weeding through (pun intended) pages of dank photos just for tidbits of info.

Really appreciate it.
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As an update:

I’ve since scrapped the main greens growing in favor of faster rotations and going for the growing of microgreens.

I’ve turned the area above in photos to the last portion of my microgreen rotation.

I finished my second shelf:


Added two LED shop lights from Costco.

My plan is for a new planting every 3 or 4 days. I should get approx 3 weeks worth on a constant cycle in this area of not more.

I start on the top shelf with white lights then as they are taller and need apectrum specific light I’ll move them down to the colored LED’s.

Plan will be to sell the surplus if there is a market. Current sprout tray has a mix of arugula, kale, radish, broccoli and a few others. Started on the 5th, sprouting now. Tomorrow I’ll plant the second tray and so on....

Turning out good so far. 38D6BD3F-65B5-4385-BD85-0D9917954863.jpeg A12EF3AE-3B39-404C-B429-302FE6AB46D3.jpeg 4FB888A8-63B5-42FE-A48F-3978294DFB6C.jpeg
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