IN-STOCK - USED .50 Cal or .30 Cal Ammo Cans $9/$10 each + Free Shipping with coupon

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  1. MattBG

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    thanks, this is a great deal.
  2. MrNatural

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    This deal is through SPORTSMANS GUIDE.

    I needed some ammo cans and decided to violate my rule and try a deal with SG. After all how can you screw up ammo cans??? Well Sportsmans Guide managed it!

    I placed my order last night. Today I get a phone call from SG that they need to add a chunk of additional shipping, which wasn't on their website when I finalized the deal.

    Sportsmans Guide continues to live down to its reputation.

    I cancelled the order. BUT . . .

    Sportsmans Guide now has my name, email and address and their babyraping anything-for-a-buck marketing department will pimp out my info to any junkmailer on the planet that will pay for it. I hate spam and junkmail and now, thanks to my dealings with SG, I'm going to get more of it.

    NEVER DEAL WITH SPORTSMANS GUIDE! You have been warned! I should have taken my own advice. Nothing is too small or simple for them to screw up!

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