In Praise of My Local Gun Store

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by 3MTA3, Aug 8, 2014.

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    I just had another very positive experience with my local gun store and had to share. I had a change in plans for a pair of AR's I'm building and decided to free float the barrels using a Samson kit designed to work well with the Adams piston kits I'm using. I'd checked around the usual places on the Internet, then decided to call Curt's Discount Shooter's Supply in Milwaukie to see if they had them in stock. They didn't but could get them in about a week. No issue, since I'd have to wait that long for shipping anyway. The price? Cheaper than anybody except Bud's, and not by much. Factor in no shipping charges and Curt's was also the most inexpensive.

    Less than a week goes by and I get a call that they are in. I pick them up on my way to an appointment, but before I leave I look them over quickly to make sure they are the correct part. Sure enough they are, but after my appointment I look at them to make sure everything will fit as intended and notice that one of them is missing a thermal bushing - a critical part required to mount the hand guard to the upper. I run down to Curt's, explain the problem, and sure enough they give me the bushings from a different one they had in stock. I'm now 100% good to go.

    To recap:
    • Price was cheaper than I could find on the Internet
    • Delivery time was the same
    • Parts weren't left on my porch until I got home from work
    • I didn't have to call customer support or engage the manufacturer then wait for a shipment
    • My problem was rectified immediately with care and courtesy

    Second thing - I also had Curt's pull me a couple of lower parts kits a few weeks back. I'm getting ready to take the parts to get Cerakoted, so I went though the kits to pull out the selectors and a few other thing and notice a few missing small parts. I don't know if they never made it in or if I somehow lost them. I explain to the gent behind the counter when I pick up my hand guards and he gets me the parts. Once again, no explaining to customer service, no waiting on a package, etc. Just immediate problem resolution with courtesy.
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    Customer service is very rare indeed, being able to deal with someone local and face to face beats the internet hands down every time.

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