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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cotillion, Feb 4, 2012.

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    My wife was told by the local college that since we made a combined income of 68k in 2010 that she would have to pay 900 a month and an additional 9000 that was deferred until she graduates, yet has to pay in full before she will be fully certified as a lowly medical assistant. I'm so tired of these will smith movies that give the false pretense that anyone can do it. Meanwhile all these crusty old bags in office pretend that they care about "middle America". Well guys I'm from middle America and I can honestly say that up until I met my wife that my manual labor jobs never offered decent medical, that every time I tried getting an education I was told I made to much, and let us not also forget my favorite time or year, income tax! Everybody should have a chance at getting a better education, and I shouldn't have to be on welfare to get that chance
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    If you wife has been attending a "for profit" college as seen so often on TV that market to minorities, etc, these have been the subject of Congressional investigation due to misleading advertising. Many are a scam. If your wife is attending a state run community college, then that is a different matter. Good luck!
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    So I am confused who is supposed to pay for the education only you and your wife will benefit from? Whats my share maybe I can take it out before I pay my taxes.

    And just so you don't assume anything Neither my wife or I have a degree. I drive dump truck for a paving company 8 months out of the year (I've worked since I was 5 when I started picking berries) and my wife is a Bookkeeper for a major grociery store shes been there 26 years and has worked since she was 16.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with assuming you would have to pay for your own education beyond High school.
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    I think you missed the point. They have a student loan of some type and the payment terms vary depending on their combined income. No one is getting a post secondary education for free.

    They should get divorced and the monthly payments would go down.
    Our government has many ways to screw you if you are married.
    The OP is chapped because it feels like being penalized for achieving the sucess you got the education to provide.
    I went through the same thing 35 years ago. I just didn't betch about it. I was damn glad to have the education. Paid the loan off early too.
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    I wasn't married, which I think is part of the issue.
    Worked 2-3 jobs, mac & cheese 2X a day, splurge on a .79cent Totino's pizza and gov. loans. Glad the loans were there, but hurried to pay them off early too! Surprised more recently to learn how many people don't pay back the loans - never a consideration for me - evidently part of the plan for others.

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