I'm proud to announce a new supporting vendor, Johnson Creek Gun Club!

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    Johnson Creek Gun Club has been a fixture for firearm enthusiasts of the Portland area for as long as I can remember (and much longer than that, I'm sure, since they started in 1936!).

    I grew up shooting, but when I really got serious about my rights and decided on my CHL, Johnson Creek Gun Club was where I took my first class, an NRA Basic Handgun course. Upon entering, I felt like I was taken back in time, a quality which is quite endearing about the place. At 21 and quite naive, I was surprised such a place existed that operated on the honor system and trusted it's members to take care of the facilities without staff or supervision, let alone a gun range! That right there is one of the reasons this is my favorite pistol range in Portland. I was a member for a few years until I moved further than I figured was a reasonable distance to drive.

    Six months ago I moved to Happy Valley on top of Mt. Scott, literally 5 minutes from the range. I was very happy to be livin within close proximity to the club again. Though the membership fee is a bargain at $10 per month, I couldn't afford it with the current economic conditions. I saved my pennies and the day before yesterday I placed a call to get my membership renewed. We agreed to meet at noon today, and upon my arrival I met John, who was there to handle my payment and processing. We got to talking a bit and I asked him if he'd ever heard of the site. He said he though he had, but couldn't remember if he'd been here before. I began to describe it to him, our mission, our goals, our growth, and our Supporting Vendor memberships. One thing lead to another, and they volunteered a full year of support!

    I want to thank John and everyone else at Johnson Creek Gun Club, without our donors and businesses like you this website wouldn't exist. :thumbup:

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