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I'm a 1911 novice seeking advice

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Gallanw, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Gallanw

    Gallanw Keizer, Oregon New Member

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    I own a Colt stainless Mark IV, Series 80, a full sized 1911. It is a little large, and heavy, for me to carry concealed. I like the .45, and the 1911 design, and have been looking for a shorter version, probably a 3" barrel instead of the 5" I now have. I am talking to someone about a staight across trade for a Colt 1991A1 with a 3" barrel, and I'm not sure if it's a good trade. I don't know much about the 1991A1, but a few reviews I've read indicate it is reliable, (it's a Colt!), but it doesn't have the finish that the 1911 has. That isn't a good comparison, since the stainless 1911 I have is really a class weapon. I don't see many compact Colts on the used market, at least where I've been looking, and I'm not in a finacial position to buy a new one, or I'd keep this and just buy a new one.

    I've tried to attach a picture of my 1911, if anyone is interested. Untitled 0 00 03-11.jpg

    Anyone have any thoughts?



    Untitled 0 00 03-11.jpg
  2. DinhRose

    DinhRose Austin, Texas (Ex-Pat of SE PDX) Active Member

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    I would just keep what you have. 1991A1 are ok guns but you can do better. Plenty of kimber ss commanders floating around in the classified
  3. netcarrier

    netcarrier Portland, Oregon Active Member

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    Hi Gallanw,
    I would keep the 1911 and save up some money look around and buy one. Then you would have two.
    Maybe the guy would take something other then the 1911 for the 1991A1 your could try.
    Tony Portland, Oregon Area
  4. billgrigsby24

    billgrigsby24 Beaverton, Or Active Member

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    You could get a cheaper rock island armory 1911. I don't know if they're good quality but their compact has a 3.5" barrel. summitgunbroker.com has them for $439.
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  5. Nightshade

    Nightshade vancouver,WA Well-Known Member

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    Keep the 1911 thats a fine peice
  6. Spray-n-pray

    Spray-n-pray Battle Ground Moderator Staff Member

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    Well....... since you asked for opinions, here goes. The first thing I would do is lose those camo Pachmayr grips. Even if you trade it I wouldn't wish those on anyone. Your pistol is one fine weapon. Many people carry and conceal a full-sized 1911 although I can understand the desire for something slightly less bulky and heavy. As for trading it for a 1991A1, unless you got a screaming deal on your Colt, you stand to lose a little on the trade.
  7. techieguy

    techieguy Well-Known Member

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    Invest in a good gun belt (not something from Walmart) and good IWB holster. Then carrying the pistol should not be a problem. I carry a full size 1911 every day with a quality belt (rgleather) and good holster (milt sparks VMII).
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  8. SKIPPER99

    SKIPPER99 Peck, Id Member

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    holster and quality belt is the best suggestion, you cant beat the 1911 you already have, just better holster and belt is all you need unless you are a very small stature person
  9. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    The shorter the barrel on a 1911, the more prone to problems the gun can be...
  10. Ghostmaker

    Ghostmaker Willamette valley Member

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    ATI FX Titan 45 acp 7 Rd $ 539.00 3.1 In. Barrel comes in stainless for $100 more..Rock Island is probably even less...Personally, carrying a 5" 1911 for any extended period of time with multiple extra mags is too much weight..it wears on you over a few hours..best to go with a polymer frame compact..Then if you want to stick with the .45 size you have to carry too many extra mags or rounds in the field to be prepared..the alternative is to go with a high capacity with smaller caliber, yet still is comfortable for your long term carry.
  11. jakk586

    jakk586 Astoria, Or Active Member

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    Keep your pistol. a good gun belt and a good holster are essential.
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  12. wjv

    wjv SW Washington State Active Member

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    Keep what you have.

    Save money

    Buy new Rock Island Armory 3.5" gun

    Note: Every night I throw my change in a milk bottle. A few weeks ago I brought the (now full) bottle in to my bank. . . $763!

    If you do the same a year from now you could have the RIA 3.5" AND still have your current gun. . .
  13. JGRuby

    JGRuby Portland Oregon New Member

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    I was really leary about an officer sized 1911 pistol - so I bought a RIA CS - figured for 450$ I could not go too wrong. Guess what guys those RIA's work really well - at least so far. I now have two RIA CS pistols, one was bought new the other was used when I got it. I really feel that the RIA's are a very reliable and functional pistol. I carry mine daily. I have had no problems with either so far and though I have less than 500 rounds through my first RIA - I would buy another. There are mods I want to do but I feel one of the most important things you need with a 1911 pistol is good mags. I bought WIlsom magazines, the purchase stung but I am happy that I got them. RIA makes a very good no thrills pistol for a very good price.

    The only negative is that 1911's regardless of the size are heavy, but I like the weigjht - carried mine all day shooting yesterday and then took the dogs on a four mile hike through the brush. Get a good belt and holster- that should be considered mandatory,

    James Ruby
  14. Cougfan2

    Cougfan2 Hillsboro, OR Well-Known Member

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    I'll just reiterate what others have said on this thread. Carrying a full size 1911 is no problem if you have a good holster, but more importantly a good belt. Ted Blocker, Beltman Belts, and others that have been mentioned on this forum offer good quality, sturdy, gun belts. A good belt will usually cost you $75-100, but they are worth it.
  15. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    I have recently, because I needed new belts, bought 2 of the blade-tech belts. At 35 bucks they are a decent price and seem to be good belts. I have also become a fan of TAGUE holsters.
  16. Mikej

    Mikej Portland Gold Supporter Gold Supporter 2015 Volunteer 2016 Volunteer

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    Might I ask where you found those belts for $35.00? When I looked at their site they were $59.99.
    Also, are you able to use your own buckle with the Blade Tech belts, I didn't see that on the site.


  17. MarkAd

    MarkAd Port Orchard Well-Known Member

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    I bought them at BullsEye in Tacoma WA. And you can change the buckles out. Use the Chicago style screws when you change you buckle. The factory ones have prongs that dig/cut into the leather
  18. coop44

    coop44 Tacoma ,WA Well-Known Member

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    damn nice pistol, if you want something else consider a springfield in a "commander" configuration.

    I agree with the previous post on getting a good belt and a decent leather holster.

    As far as weight goes, and all steel gun isn't bad, heck I carry around an fnp 45 loaded with 16 rounds, it's no lightweight by any means. I carry around and extra few pounds :bluelaugh: what's another few ounces?

    With a 45 weight is your friend, helps manage recoil, and gets you back on target faster. Never a fan of alloy frames in a 1911, they are more for carry and not so much for shooting, a steel gun can last for generations.
  19. FreakSF

    FreakSF Boise Member

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    Yep... Like they said.
  20. wichaka

    wichaka Wa State Well-Known Member

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    Although the small 1911's can be persnickety, they can run just as fine as any other.

    If your heart is set on the trade, have the smaller version looked over by a competent 1911 'smith.
    I say a 1911 'smith, as you want someone that specializes in them so they can tell if a train wreck is on the way, or all is good to go.