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I have been saying for some time now that with all the companies selling gold and the high demand for investing in it I do not put it past the current regime to do a re-do of the ban on gold. Happened before when the country was in dire straights could very well happen again.

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screw em all, none of the business the only reason they ever want to track them is so the thievs know where it is so when it comes time to come and steal it from you for the better good,

to each according to their need, to each according to their ability is what the veitcong used to say about who got what when and where while the people at the top liven like kings and had hundreds of armed soldiers protecting them

Burt Gummer

Typically, the government and IRS don't care about what or how you BUY, but only what you sell.

There will always be bartering or underground sales of PMs so it really isn't a concern. Whatever the gov can do to suppress PMs in favor of ever-declining monopoly money (dollars) they will. As for a gold confiscation, that would fall flatter on its face than a gun confiscation.

Too many people in the PM community are wise to the Federal Reserve money printing scam as opposed to earlier times. They want something real, not paper printed out of thin air. Believe it or not, a couple economists are calling for Obama to authorize a group of Trillion dollar coins to pay off the national debt.
That is just how transparent the whole money printing scam really is and the Chinese and others are wise to it (that is why they are buying tons of gold right now).
The Chinese are stockpiling like crazy: gold, iron, copper, coal, rice,... just about anything REAL. Doing their level best to get out of paper.
I'm thinking about "junk silver" myself. Nice, small denominations and easily recognizable as authentic.
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