Now here's a new twist in favor of gun owners, in Illinois of all places!
Chicago Tribu coos county Oregon . sanctuary county for gun owners. you wont see much of this.


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by AWR Hawkins4 Nov 2015987

On November 3, voters in Oregon’s Coos County voted to separate themselves from de jure compliance with state and federal gun control laws by giving their sheriff the job of deciding which laws are constitutional–and therefore deserving of compliance–and which are not.
This vote occurred at the same time that pro-Second Amendment incumbents were retaining control of the Virginia Senate and pro-Second Amendment candidate Matt Bevin (R) was winning the Kentucky gubernatorial race. Moreover, this rejection of state and federal gun controls took place in Oregon–the most recent ground zero for Obama’s gun control push, following the heinous attack in a gun free zone at Umpqua Community College.

According to the Huffington Post, Coos County voters passed the “2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance with 61 percent of the vote.” The ordinance empowers Coos County Sheriff Greg Zanni to determine if a given state or federal gun law goes against the constitution. “If he thinks they do, the county is then banned from using any resources to enforce those laws. Any county employee who violates the ordinance will be fined $2,000.”

The World reports that Coos County resident Rob Taylor collected signatures to get the ordinance on the ballot and is thrilled with its passage. Taylor said, “I was pretty confident and sure of getting 60 percent or more, and that’s pretty much what we got. That we won by 20 percent or more says people support the Second Amendment and oppose the background checks in SB 941.”

SB 941 was the universal background check bill supported by Sandy Hook Promise and Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety. The bill was signed into law on May 11 and residents of Coos County hope to use the 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance to forbid its enforcement in their county.

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Exactly how this should go. If cities, counties and states can stick their noses up at federal immigration law, then we can do the same for gun laws. Don't like a law? Declare sanctuary status. Want people to follow the laws, then follow them your damn selves. I have a feeling at some point in time this refusal by government agencies to abide by federal law is going to hit a breaking point and some bad things may happen, necessary, but bad.
'2nd Amendment Sanctuary City' proposal targets Wash. state lawmakers
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The Spokesman-Review reports that Councilman Caleb Collier has asked that the city be declared a "Second Amendment Sanctuary City." He says his plan comes in response to state Attorney General Bob Ferguson's recent announcement that he's seeking a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles.
The Spokesman-Review
A little closer to your home, Dallas Oregon completed that last night. 2nd amendment sanctuary status. A page from their playbook. Maybe you guys can follow suite? Plus we still have the second amendment many Men and Women have fought for to preserve!


I'm not a lawyer and I didn't sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but here's the question in my head:

If Cities, Counties, or States can declare "Sanctuary" status for illegal aliens and say they are excluded from XYZ law(s), why can't a City, County, or State declare "Sanctuary" status for gun owners? Would the first scenario set a legal precedent if upheld, such that the second scenario could then reference that preceding legal precedent?
It's not really any different than the sanctuary states with illegal immigrants. The city police won't bust you for having a gun, but the state police still will.

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