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If you have an SBR, was it worth the hassle?

Was the Juice worth the squeeze?

  • Yes, everyone should have one.

    Votes: 50 72.5%
  • No, not worth the hassle.

    Votes: 19 27.5%

  • Total voters
It doesnt matter what it does. Silencer is a name not a function. You could take one, weld up the end and fill it with concrete . It would still be a silencer. The inventor named the device he invented a silencer and they were marketed and sold as Silencers for 70 years before some hack Soldier Of Fortune writer decided they could sell more of them to government agencies if they changed the name to Suppressor because Silencers were portrayed as evil in the movies and government procurement officers wouldnt put their name on an invoice if it said "Silencer".
^ Nailed it.
Ranges can and will ask to see paperwork for NFA items. You dont have to show them anything and they can demand you leave the premises. Local LEO's can ask to see paperwork and if you do not comply they can hold you and your firearm until an ATF agent appears.
Under what jurisdiction? Are LEO's automatically trained in ATF rules and regs? No.
And I'd yet again bet that MOST LEO's don't know the legal difference between a "pistol" and an "SBR". So unless they have other grounds to ask, it's not their job to determine if a firearm requires a stamp or otherwise.

Oh, I'm also an RSO at a local range, and I've NEVER asked nor heard any other staff member ask to see a stamp.

Don't play stupid games, don't win stupid prizes. ;)

I'm NOT an attorney, nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night. So there's that. :D
Under what jurisdiction? Are LEO's automatically trained in ATF rules and regs? No.

No one said they knew what they were doing but they can potentially hold you and impound your firearm until they get someone on the scene that does. Its happened many, many times. Local LEO's can and will ask to see form 4/1 paperwork and thats generally the end of the shakedown.


My next Form1 will be for an SBR.
Since I said no more suppressors this year. 2019 was the year of soda cans.


Of ten tax stamps submitted in 2018, I have nine of them back ("on time," by NFA standards) including one SBR...

The 10th, a Q Honey Badger, has been stuck pending for 400 days now. It was submitted just 3 days after a suppressor that cleared months ago. It's plausible they lost the paperwork between desks but there is no recourse whatsoever for figuring this out, just an angry government employee on the other end of a phone that repeats the word "pending" no matter how polite and sensible any questions are.

Honestly, despite my relative (90%) success at the NFA process, I think the whole thing is quite a scam. Would I do it again? For an SBR that I could just get "pistol braced?" Plus the paperwork required to drive it across state lines? No. Absolutely not.

The only bigger scam I can imagine is a $20k+ machine gun on the other end of a transfer process like this, a roll of the dice for that much money with no recourse if anything goes wrong.

FWIW, Individual Form 4s (not Form 4 Trusts) and e-filed Form 1s seem to be the way to go at the moment if you do want to participate. Or just becoming an SOT and having everything Form 3'd to you in no time at all and mailed straight to your door.



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