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    I've got a couple of safe queens I want to trade for ???I'd really like an M&P compact in 357sig,if you have one...I am an AR and AK fan,but I'm not into Bolt guns or rimfires...

    First,I have a Glock Model 27 that I had a grip reduction done on,work was performed by Arizona Response Systems,whose gunsmith was voted "Gunsmith if the year" by Small Arms Review.Attached pic is NOT the actual gun,but it looks the same with the exception of a rounded trigger guard and some holster wear on the edges of the slide on mine.Also,my mags have aftermarket extensions,NOT the stippled ones in the photo.FWIW,I have more than $650 invested,and I'd prefer a trade because I don't plan on selling it really cheap just to get rid of it.Read about the reduction process here:http://www.arizonaresponsesystems.com/

    The G27 would/will make an excellent CCW piece,which is why I originally got it.Then I figured that I can carry my G32 just as easily on my frame,so the 27 went to the safe...

    Second,I have a Steyr M40 in excellent/like new condition,comes with 2-12rd mags and 1-10 rounder,box book,etc.This is not the M40A1 model,it's the original with a safety in the trigger guard.I value this gun in the $400-$425 range for trade purposes.I'm sorry,no pics of this one.

    my email is kirkcdl AT yahoo,which is probably the fastest way to contact me.I'm in Roseburg,OR,and also prefer FTF if possible...

    G27 Grip Reduction.jpg

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