If you ever need leather work on the west side

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    I picked up a small OWB slider holster that I hoped to use for my new Sig P938.
    The holster was made for a P238 but I have a Sig lasermax on my 938 so I figured I could just remove a bit of stitching under the trigger guard area and squeeze the 938/laser in. Turned out I had to remove the entire stitching on the trigger side to get it to fit. So I needed a new 3" stitch done on that side and I figured that my wife's sewing machine wouldn't be up to the task :eek:
    So I called a few shoe repair shops in Hillsboro, the first one was not interested and barely spoke English :rollingeyes:

    But on my second blind call I hit on an interesting sounding guy named Mark that told me to come on down. His store is at 207 E. Main in beautiful downtown Hillsboro :laugh: right across from the County Courthouse. As soon As I walked in I knew I was in the right place, everything was very old school from the two big sleeping dogs in the window to the great smell of leather everywhere. I wandered back to the rear admiring a pair of hand made western holster and belt rigs and lots of boots. Mark invited me into the back shop which is full of vintage leather working machines, some driven by leather belts off a floor mounted motor. As he made quick work of my simple 3" stitch we talked guns and holsters. I told him what my plan was and he asked it I needed to mold the holster to the Sig and walked me into the back room where he had made a nice holster press from scrap powered by a hand pump bottle jack. I said I wanted to give it a try myself first. So we shook hands and I asked him what I owed him, $5 was all.

    He builds all sorts of custom holsters to order and based on the western rigs I saw he has the skills and all the tools. So if you need holster repairs or any leather work, check him out.

    Tell him Jim sent you :rolleyes:

    Really nice guy!


    Dr. Sole & Mr. Heel
    Mark A. Benson
    207 E. Main St.
    Hillsboro, Oregon
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    You should try and get this in the Review section..
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    Good to know! Not in the portland area very much, but always handy to know about a true craftsman. :)

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