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I've been trying to build up a small collection of handguns that

(1) Are examples of one of the best models ever produced by that manufacturer; and
(2) Are very accurate to shoot but also very durable.

Examples so far are a Colt Python, an HK Mark 23, and a sig P226 x-five Legion. All three are a pleasure to shoot, very accurate, and very durable.

I've been wanting to add a CZ pistol. But am unsure which would go well with what I already have. The shadow 2 is a great shooter, but really much more of a range toy/target pistol, even though it is based on the legendary 75. .

Any suggestions? While we are at it, what about for a Walther?
I have a CZ Shadow 2 SAO that is very accurate and easy to shoot. I expect it to be durable and reliable for a long time. If it was all I had I'd trust my life to it and daily carry it. I think they make a shadow 2 compact.
I've owned a couple of CZ-27's made during the Nazi era, they were okay for .32 pop-guns. Later, I had a CZ-72, a Commie police gun in .32 ACP, it was a POS.

However: I've long admired the CZ-75 design but never owned one. So, without the personal experience of ownership, the CZ-75 is what I'd want today, in 10mm and I don't know if they make it thusly. If they don't, then I'd take a Tanfoglio (EAA Witness) in 10mm, which as I understand it is the same basic design. A CZ-75 in 9mm would be perfectly fine except I already have three 9mm's.

Re. your list of "best of" several manufacturers. If I was doing that, I'd have a P210 for the Sig representative. One made in Germany or Switzerland, I don't like the ones made in New Hampshire. The P210 is another gun I've never owned, but I've fired one and loved it. I just don't want to pay the price of admission. Years ago, I did own a French Model 1935A, which was the original Petter design that the P210 copied but it was a weird cartridge and the pistol wasn't close in overall quality to the P210.
You've got an eclectic taste for your future collection. Make sure to go and shoot these guns before spending what could easily be 8 grand in guns and accessories and ammo/reloading which is another couple grand hobby.

CZ-P10F is the greatest striker fire pistol I've ever held

You can find em for $340 on(www)Bereli sometimes

But the best gun I own is my Stainless Steel CZ-75b.

It's a damn fine shooter and has a low bore axis, perfect grip and plenty of weight.

We have three in this household. I/we really didn't know much about various fire arms when we got into the game. We'd go to gun counters, Keith's, Sportsman's, Northwest Armory and gun shows to look and fondle. When I/we found something that looked and felt good, and price seemed appropriate and we didn't have anything like it, we'd buy something. I didn't pay much attention to caliber either. That's how I ended up with CZ SP01 in .40 caliber. After playing with it for awhile it became a favorite. It's big old chunk of gun and fits my long fingered hands very well. The rubber grips are very comfortable with the little swells that nestle into your palm. And I've come to believe .40 cal is a fine cartridge to shoot in this solid gun. Takedown and reassembly of the CZs is extremely easy. I surprised myself at our indoor range where we must shoot at 50' with some of the groups I shot with this gun.
Sometime after getting the SP01 I somehow stumbled on Tanfoglio. Just like the SP01, though I saw the Tanfoglio Elite Limited in a gun rag. I went to Keith's, they looked it up, and with a $50.00 deposit got it for me a couple of weeks later. I was pretty naive as to the fact I'd just bought a competition gun. I did like the idea it had a drilled slide so if I wanted to put a red-dot on it I could. And the added flare on the mag well was of no use to me. Never had an urge to compete. What I think the best parts about this Tanfo are, the polygonal barrel and single action trigger. I'm not that great of a shot, but I believe a well disciplined shooter could hit a 10" gong at 100 yards repeatedly. I can do it, just not repeatedly. I surmise the barrel and trigger are the reason this gun has the accuracy it does.
Third CZ is a CZ75B, stainless, in 9mm that we picked up for Wifey. I don't know what it is, but that 75B just isn't as impressive as the SP01? I don't know if it's the gun or me that cause it to seem like it doesn't shoot as well?

My experience is fairly limited compared to a lot of people here, but I feel like you could not go wrong with CZ. Though if I were into duplicating guns I'd go with another SP01, rather than the 75. and I'm real glad that I picked up that Tanfo when I did as it was just a bit over $1,000.00. Now? :eek:
Some of the lower end Witnesses have gritty triggers. But that's nothing that can't be fixed by a gunsmith. I like to stick to models that don't have the weight reduction cutouts on the slides.

View attachment 1888648View attachment 1888652
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As long as it's single action only with a polygonal barrel. The trigger is a little weird but it doesn't take much time to get used to. At least to this non-competition shooter.

I do see now that Tanfo has some models with lightened slides.
View attachment 1888654

As long as it's single action only with a polygonal barrel. The trigger is a little weird but it doesn't take much time to get used to. At least to this non-competition shooter.

I do see now that Tanfo has some models with lightened slides.
Some of the higher end match ones have polygonal barrels. The rest all have traditional lands and grooves. They're DA/SA.
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I've been curious about the P10 and the CZ75, but neither one will likely ever follow me home.
However, CZ makes one of my favorite handguns.
Dan Wesson CBOB.

Ol Beater.jpg
Only one CZ pistol, eh? vz61. Then turn it into a little rifle. :s0165:


That is the only CZ we have in the line up at the present. I've found the CZ75BD nice "Wonder Nines", for whatever it is worth. Good luck with you search. :)

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