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Actually one WAS made at one time - the High Standard Sentinel.

Very trim, lightweight and well built.

Keep your eye out and you may find one - but they have seemed to found 'collector' status in the last few years and are getting hard to find.

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For quite a while, I had a HS Sentinel Mk IV with a ~3" barrel - I can't remember which was my first handgun, it or my Star PD. Probably the revolver. I had it for about 40 years.

I had a lot of problems with sticky extraction out of the box. I eventually gave it to my son-in-law. It was not a particularly lightweight revolver for what it was. I like my Ruger LCRx a lot better.

A Ruger Wrangler with the 6.5" barrel is probably closer to what I envision - if Ruger made a version that had a lightweight frame like the Wrangler, the sights of the Super Wrangler, a lightweight barrel shroud (instead of the steel barrel), a Ti or Scandium cylinder, and setup for a scope.

I.E., something like this:

But made with aluminun or scandium or titanium (or a polymer FCU & AL frame like the LCR?). Cost aside, it doesn't need to be made from SS - it doesn't need to weight 45 ounces. It could easily be a pound lighter.
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I'd want something like a Serbian M63 (basically Mauser with a 17" barrel) but chambered in either 7.62x39 or 5.56 rather than the 30-06, 308, or 8mm it was actually chambered in. Would be much more affordable and less punishing to shoot. I do have a 30-06 version but think it would make way more sense in an intermediate caliber:

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Anything that makes Gun Grabbers literally stroke-out and flatline from apoplexy en-masse just at the IDEA of it being on the same planet with them.

In all serious, a lightly refreshed version of a Thompson--the ambi-friendly receier/bolt/controls of the unbuilt or prototype-only M3, mated to the barrel, detachable stock and drum-capability of the 1921AC/1928AC models, iron sights raised enough to co-witness with a top-rail BUIS and reworked to be adjustable. Mechanically reinforced to be able to take full-power .45 Super or .460 Rowland as a "steady diet" load.
CVA scout in stainless with open sights and no picatinny rail and with real wood.

Spencer rifle in .357 or .44 mag.

Fantasy gun: a non-capacitance rail gun. The EM field created by a secondary source like solid state or high density plasma.

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