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So I have been wondering if i was to go down to one gun what would it be.. I was thinking shotty cause its great for indoor self defense, but then if i had a handgun I could carry it anywhere with me, and also Im thinking about selling my shotty for extra money since me and my wife are expecting in November i want to have as much money as i can saved. I have 2 handguns an AR and my shotty so i wouldnt be without a gun, IF i sold it:D
Given what you said, and that you are probably price sensitive, the one gun I have I would keep above all others would be the 4" s&w 686. Great gun, well balanced, widely available. A real "do all" gun. And not only does it do it all, it does it all like a pro. I think it's the best .357 ever made. I prefer the "no dash" through -4 models.
Now are you talking about only owning one gun period, or are you talking about having one gun that is always in the house for home defense?

If your talking about owning one gun period. I would go with a compact/subcompact 9mm/40, that can be carried with you everywhere to be used as both your carry piece and home defense gun.

If your talking about having only one gun in the house for home defense, but still have your other guns for target and carry. I would say to have a 18" Mossberg 500/Remington 870.
The one I have.

why? Front rail for light, can take off light and use it as a daily carry.
Like Phathom, I pose the question. Are you talking about only owning one gun? or only having one gun in the house for self defense?

If I could only have one gun in the house for self defense then it wouldn't change from what I have now. My 18'' Mossberg 500. :s0155::gun08:

Now if I could only own one gun. That is a different story, I would . . . . .AAAHHHHH:s0054: . . . .limit on owning firearms? :huh:DOES NOT COMPUTE:huh:. (I can't decide) Probably stick with my 1911, simply because I already own it, I live in Arizona so I dont have to conceal it, and because when I shoot someone, I want stopping power.

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