If I don't catch a break !

Hello Northwest shooter types.
I am Tom , from portland.
New to this forum and glad to find it.
I recently thrasehed my back. I imajine there is enough of you who have been through this I don't ned to go into details.
Since the stock market crash my emergency cash is a little low, and if I need surgery, I might need to raise a little cash.
That should not be to hard to do as I own about 16 excelent hunting rifles.
This is just a heads up , if I end up needing to sell, here are the 1st three to go.
All rifles will be sold with dies brass and bullets.
1 Model 70 classic .338 win mag wood and blue 90% condition with box and leupold bases. Beautifull wood. 650.00
2 FN commercial .270, with leupold bases. Again 90% condition. Beautifull stock date stamp on barrel 1953. 600.00.
3 Very nice custom 98 mauser (probably a yugo) in 6.5X57. I have about 70 head stamped brass on this one and it would only need a chaber reamer to make a 6.5X284 out of her(26 inch tube). It has a gourgeous stock and is really a very very nice rifle. Probably need 750.00 here
I would prefer to keep them, and if I catch a break , I won't need to sell,
But I had back surgery about 16 years ago and the workmens comp people will try like heck to call this a pre existing condition.
If I have to pay for an operation deductables will be 1500.00.
So hope for the best for me, please.
If I need to sell I will post pictures on classifieds.
Hope you don't end up having to sell anything. I had my ruptured L4-L5 disc trimmed off when I was 19, and then had the L3-L4 disc trimmed when I was 30. Let me know if you need a good neurosurgeon, I can recommend one to you.
Hi Tom,

I am truly sorry to hear about your back circumstances. This is coming from a person who was in your shoes 3 years ago.

I am only 31 years old. I have undergone numerous procedures on my back since the age of 18. My problem area is the L5 – S1 zone. The procedures included steroid injection treatment every 30 days, one microdiscectomy, and I lost count of how many alternative procedures I have tried.

When I moved to Oregon 4 years ago, things started getting worse. Not from the location...just a progression of my issues. I was scared as **** to have a major operation. All the other procedures were same day release and such. I searched for months trying to find answers and a doctor that knew what he was doing and one that I could trust. I found him at OHSU. <broken link removed> is the program director for the Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program, the associate professor in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, chief of the Spine Section at OHSU, and a staff Surgeon at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Portland. (No, this is not an ad for Dr. Hart. I am just sharing my extensive homework. The dude knows spines. Where most doctors just follow trends, Dr. Hart is a pioneer in procedures.)

After numerous xrays, nerve studies, etc... Dr. Hart suggested my best course of action would be spinal fusion. May case was severe to that point. We planned it out and set the date.

Although from time to time I still do experience pain or discomfort in my lower back, it is nowhere even close to my past. I would mow the lawn and be immobile for 2 days following. It was bad. Now, I am able to do pretty much anything I want. I pick my 12 year old son up and throw him over my shoulder messing around with no issues.

Not to steer you wrong and think this is the miracle way to go. For some people...it does not work. It took me a good year to recover and I still consider myself recovering. That year sucked because I had my procedure 2 weeks after my baby daughter was born. I was recliner ridden for almost 3 months and needed a cane to navigate around my house. I have an amazing wife that had to help me up the stairs at night. It is not a procedure you just have done and go back to living normal. It takes lots of work and sometimes babying. But I feel great today. Minor issues here and there, but overall doing well. Whereas before I was maybe at a 4.5 to 5 in what I could do compared to others my age, today I would say I am at 7.5 to 9 out of 10. Where my pain was at an easy 8 to 10 four to six days out of the week, today it is at a manageable 1 to 3.5 at most.

Well...I hope that helps you in some odd way. Just do your due diligence. Take care and good luck.:s0155:

Holy crap. Did I really just type out that whole book? **Wall of text crits you for 9000** (World of Warcraft refernce)

More reading about Dr. Hart:

<broken link removed> (page 6 of this PDF)
Hey Tom, my brother has severe back issues and its not something I would wish on any enemy. I hope everything turns out okay!

And fwiw, after 2 back surgeries, my brother is finally recovering well. Hes able to lift stuff without any issues, and he started lifting weights and exercising again. Just giving you a best case if the worst case should present itself.
I had surgery about 16 years ago,
I am hoping to avoid it this time, I was suposed to have a cortizone injection tommorow, But my DR cancelled do to bad weather.
I will get it done after christmas, though.
Apreciate your kind thoughts !


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