Oregon If HB2251 & IP16 Passed Which AW Definition Would Apply To IP16

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    HB2251 has a looser definition of "assault weapon" than IP16. If both are passed as written which definition would apply to IP16's banned firearms?
    The example I would like to use is the Franklin Armory XO-26. Under IP16 law it would not be banned but it likely would be considered an AW under HB2251. So would authorities use the HB2251 definition to say that the XO-26 is banned under IP16 even though IP16 on it's own would not classify it as a banned firearm?

    Does this question make any sense to anybody?

    To try and explain my question better here are a couple of more details of HB2251 and IP16 that have me guessing.

    IP16 doesn't list the type/category of firearm that the FA XO-26 belongs too. So if only IP16 passed I would be confident that the XO-26 is not banned.

    HB2251 doesn't ban any firearms but serves to define certain firearms as "assault weapons" The FA XO-26 could be defined under HB2251 as an assault weapon.
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