IDPA Marksman Level Skills Clinic and Intro to IDPA Class on December 13, 2014

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    IDPA Marksman Level Skills Clinic and Intro to IDPA Class on December 13, 2014

    We will be offering IDPA Marksman Level Shooting Skills Clinic again this December along with an Introduction to IDPA class.

    Sandy Wylie IDPA Master in SSP, CDP and ESP
    Nick Nibler IDPA Expert in SSP
    Al Wylie IDPA Expert in SSP.

    All classes held at Renton Range

    These clinics will work on establishing the skills most needed by the competitor at their current level of development.
    The goal is to provide the proper foundation that is essential to build upon to reach the next level

    The Marksman “skills clinic” will be a 1 day- 8 hour class working on skills specifically geared to the shooters classified skillset. Class size is limited, first come first served basis.

    In this class we will cover giving the student an understanding of how the game is played, where the common pitfalls are that will impede your ability to score well and progress as a competitor. From there we work on generating a proper foundation upon which the competitor can build. We will cover equipment and how it should be placed or used. Proper grip, stance, a consistently effective draw and reload. Strong hand and weak had shooting will be covered. We will work on target transitions, both static and around cover.

    Prerequisites: That you are classified to at least the Marksman level in an IDPA division. Unclassified and Novice shooters accepted on a case by case basis.
    Marksman clinic: December 13 (Saturday) 9am

    Skills clinic fee $150 per clinic

    To register for any class
    List “IDPA Clinic” in the subject line.

    Intro to IDPA Class
    This class is geared for the person who would like to start shooting IDPA matches or who has just started and needs a better understanding of the basics of the sport.

    We will cover the competition rules, safety procedures, equipment, skills required and have you run through stages similar to what you will have to do in a match.

    This will be a 4-hour class.

    Class fee $65

    Taught by staff instructors
    December 13th (Saturday) 9 am

    To register for any class email:

    List “IDPA Clinic” in the subject line.

    Previous student can repeat a class at 50% off the class fee.

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