Idiots we work with or for

I have worked with a lot of jerks in the past but dear God the guy I have been putting up with for the last year or so takes the freaking cake.

In addition to being the office snitch he is also a loudmouth, liberal, douchebag.

Usually what happens is that a few of us are outside having a smoke on our break and talking about things in the news. Of course he sees us and just has to come shuffling on over and give us his insights. Gun control (of course everything comes down to lack of penis size when he isn't ranting about assault weapons and high capacity "clips"). Global warming/any environmental subject (He drives a Prius and is still convinced that polar bears are drowning). Foreign policy (its still Bush's fault), the economy (Bush's fault, and he ran up the debt!). Bullying (the fault of Republicans, Christian's etc, he also has a "bully free zone" sign in his cubicle),

Today we got to hear his take on the Brown shooting in Missouri. According to him the police officer should be charged with murder because he shot to kill. He should have shot the kid in the leg, or better yet just used pepper spray. He then went on a tangent how cops could just shoot weapons out of suspects hands, or disarm them using martial arts (he took kung fu as a kid and knows how disarm any attacker).

The rest of us just sit there in silence. Mostly cause we are in shock at the amount of stupidity that comes out of his mouth, and of course there is the cowardice factor. In addition to being the office snitch, he also seems to have the ear of our boss the - HBDIC (Head Bull Dyke In Charge). We know of two guys he has snitched on - one for cruising the net on the computer, and the other for commenting on a smoking hot new hire. Both guys ended up down the road.

As I said he is also the HBDIC's favorite. I'm convinced if she ever came to a sudden stop it would take a team of surgeons five days to cut his face out of her bubblegum.

I have to fight the urge to punch this guy every time I see him at work. On the other hand I like having a job and not being incarcerated too.

Any advice how to deal with this guy would be helpful. Also feel free to post you're experience with guys like this you have worked with.
I really enjoyed reading your post, just because I've known these characters in the past. If you have the patience (which I personally ran out of after some time) shower him with facts and numbers about issues, typically people of this sort know a lot of buzz words and very little actual facts. If you factually put them in their place over and over they will start avoiding you :) The other solution, is to totally ignore them, let them talk a lot, the more they talk the more they make mistakes and the more they'll be hated by everyone, at some point management will have to either fire everyone but this person or fire him/her or put them in their place.
Oh and depending on your work place, it wouldn't hurt having replicas of the constitution/bill of rights on your door or cubicle, and a few NRA/pro gun signs in your office/cubicle/car, and just avoid discussing these issues with him if he brings them up, kinda burn him and not allow him to vent ;)


Any anti firearm rhetoric IS hate speech!

They in no way shape or form can fight you on that. Its a defensive lifestyle and he needs to respect that and at the very least keep his opinions to himself after you give him a stern warning that any anti firearm talk to you/around you (personally) comes off as aggressive and offensive.
That tattletale and HBDIC wont know what hit them should they fight you on it.

Especially if you voice your opinions to him and he tells you to stop.. Hypocrisy usually bubbles within these types.. point that out.

You may or may not be on his "watch list" after you tell him whats up.
And he may tattle on you for any little thing.. BUT thats the best part..

If/when he does you can complain about harassment and the fact that he "has it out for you"..
and "he watches your every move".. "And no one is perfect".. Etc. odds are the HBDIC and he will leave you alone after that. ;)

Use Alinsky tactics against him.
As much as I hate it,
(Rules for Radicals) its been most effective when dealing with "those types".
Well, I work for myself and by myself, which means I work for and with an idiot most days it seems. No one else to blame crap on. :)

A smarter man than I am once told me that the ratio of bubblegums in any group remains constant. Yes, this guy is a DB more than likely. But if you left and went somewhere else, the ratio of bubblegums remains the same and you find yourself in the same predicament, without seniority. So yes, you could creatively mess with the man. He may very well deserve it. But you should probably ask yourself how much you like your job and how much you really want to try out the new job market right now. Best just to deal until you have other plans in place and then enjoy the view as you walk out the door.
I work with my younger brother just the two of us most days. I swear he has a switch that shuts off my voice. He can be a genius at times and not so smart at other times he used to be anti gun but the more i talk about protecting family and home the more he gets it.

As far as your co worker goes i would make sure that everyone around me that will listen knows about all his faults and that they need to watch their backs when he is around. That should start making him feel uncomfortable. Then i would voice my opinions about the idiotic opinions he has never directly saying you are talking about him.


Find a way to avoid all coworkers. Trust me. I've been through enough crap to have learned my lesson. Even those you think are close will turn on you at work. Coworkers in my eyes are not friends. They are coworkers and nothing more. I keep my mouth shut, do my job, then go home. It took me a while to get to this point trust me. Since getting here work life is much better


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