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    Trying to identify the model and grade of an Armsport 20ga SxS. NO model # etc- just a serial#. IC right tube, F left tube (by caliper measure.) Stainless action, blued barrels. Action is VERY ornately carved, quail left side, pheasants right side, duck and "Armsport" on bottom. Double triggers. Barrels scroll stamped front and rear of chambers. "MFG. BY ARMIE & F. MARCHENO ITALY" stamped on right tube. Double bead center rib, no vent. NO gauge or chamber length imprint. MAYBE a metric chamber length on the bottom of the chambers (equal to 3.5" in centimeters). Possibly a proof test in kg on bottom of right tube. NICE walnut stocks, engraved/checkered.:huh:

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