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Ideas for keeping a pistol with me while doing yardwork in the Summer


I live in a good, semi-rural area but have gotten into the habit of keeping a pistol in my coat pocket while working outside on the property.

My thinking was reaffirmed yesterday when a neighbor called me and said they'd just challenged a guy walking up their private road. Dirty clothing, gloves, screwdriver in hand, headlamp on head, and a bad attitude. A pic of the guy is attached (I blocked out his face). I told her to call 911. She did, and the response from the County police department was there was no crime committed so they were not sending an Officer. :mad:

I grabbed a shotgun and walked my property with two dogs. No sign of him but I alerted my other neighbors...

So as I head into the Summer I thinking about options on a hot Summer day to keep a pistol with me. Some days I can end up quite dusty after mowing.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

A pic of the distinguished gentleman, including the gloves, screwdriver in his right hand, and headlamp on his head:

Screen Shot 2019-05-18 at 7.03.11 PM.png


Stainless. Maybe a revolver. Sweat rusts in summer.

Also maybe bear spray easily accessible. I keep a can in the garage, mostly as I’ve had weird solicitors before that didn’t sit right, IE I’m pretty sure they were scouting neighborhoods.
If you don’t care about cool points, leave pistol in a fanny pack or chest pack, it avoids the grime from working outside that way but is still on your person and accessible enough to present for any uninvited guests.

If my goal was to keep it relatively clean and still have it on me regularly working outside, I’d think about that.

I have a hill people gear chest rig that would be perfect for that role. It can also hold a number of other small things that you might want to keep on you for whatever reason while doing the outside work.
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I have open carried doing yard work, but I much prefer keeping a low profile as a gun owner at my suburban home. I'm not a fan of announcing to anybody walking or driving by that I'm a potential target for a red flag law hitjob.

I carry a 380 in my pocket usually, and sometimes iwb a 9mm under a t-shirt.
I realize that it seems like "everyone knows about the fanny pack worn in front had a gun" thing, but it might actually be a good way to go. Besides, that fad went out in the late '90s, when it was no longer sneaky. Doing yard work, not shopping at the mall, I doubt anyone would notice much less care. Comfy carry when doing waist bending and other physical tasks and still concealed. Front side draw without AIWB concerns...worth a try. Any concealed carry is a compromise. I would not use just any fanny pack though. Use one that incorporate s a holster.
During the summer it would not be untoward to wear a hydration pack on your back. Hydration only, maybe one with a cooling layer. Or a cooling vest (evap).

A lightweight compact polymer single stack 9mm, like a Kahr CM9 or CM40, or a Ruger LCP9, worn on a belt under a t-shirt and under the cooling vest or hydration pack. Or in a pocket holster.

I would worry about rust on one of those, but wiping it down at night wouldn't hurt.
Lots of good advice here. Many different suitable ways to carry, fanny pack, pocket holster, kydex (iwb/owb), etc.

Type of gun and material I would find more important. Something stainless would offer the most rust resistance, could be a revolver, could be a semiauto, could even be nitrited stainless for that flat black look.

End of day maintenance of said sidearm is of critical importance, quick clean up and wipe down provides peace of mind.

For me, I just stick with what I carry every day, cleaning up at night and call it good. But then again, I practice extreme gun hygiene...
I'm lazy. I barely pay attention to my Glocks. They get full of lint and everything else. I never put much thought into it.


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