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    I wanted to run an idea by everyone here for the gun turn in events. I know this this idea is deceiving, but think about the uneducated people who go to these events to trade a firearm for a gift card.

    If someone was to start an LLC, doesn't matter the name of the LLC, but have their DBA(doing business as) name: United States Professional Disposal. That way the initials are U.S.P.D. No, I don't want people to pretend to impersonate a police offer. I just know that if an uneducated person sees the initials P.D. at one of these events they will be drawn to bring their firearm over to them. When they approach you want to make sure you identify that you are NOT law enforcement and that they are aware of your actual business name. Which has a deceiving name that sounds like your going to dispose of their weapon.

    Have the full DBA name put on the back of some T-shirts or Polos, with the initials on the sleeves and front of the shirts. Get some clean cut, professional looking people to wear them. To many people I have seen at these events are just dressed casually and I believe that looking professional will draw more people to sell to you.

    Next set up a tables a little ways away from the turn in event on each side. then have some regular dressed planted people start a line in front of your tables (people for these events are drawn to lines). When the person wanting to turn in there firearm comes to the table, ask them if you can see what they have.

    Inspect the weapon, take some time to educate the person about their weapon and the laws (I think this is very important), if it's something you want, make an offer. If it's not a firearm you want, direct them to the real turn in. Also it would be a good idea to have some professional looking carbon paper receipts handy. I believe that would make people more comfortable about selling their firearm to you.

    This is a very shady idea, but I know their are people on this site who are more intelligent than myself, and perhaps they could use parts of this idea to come up with an effective alternative to people just giving away their firearms for disposal.
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    Put the bong down and go out on the front porch for some fresh air.

    You'll be amazed at how much better you feel.
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