Idaho Gov. signs campus carry bill

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    Idaho Gov. Butch Otter today signed SB 1254, the bill to allow guns on Idaho public college and university campuses - over the objections of the colleges - into law. “As elected officials, we have a sworn responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States - not only when doing so is easy, convenient or without cost, but especially when it is not,” Otter wrote in his signing statement. “This legislation challenges us to fulfill that charge, and we will.” You can read my full story here at

    Otter was pushed to veto the bill in recent days by the mothers of shooting victims in college mass shootings across the nation, and by Idaho student leaders. He said he concluded that Second Amendment rights have some exceptions, but wrote, “This is not the circumstance to carve out another.” Otter concluded, “We all will be watching closely to ensure the interests of Idaho citizens are served while their constitutional freedoms are protected."
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    Ya know, ID is growing on me. Good on him for holding the interests of his constituents above the over- hyped bullbubblegum.

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