ID - 2017 Snake River IDPA Regional match, June 17th

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    The 3rd annual 2017 Snake River IDPA Regional match,
    in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    Registration is now open to all IDPA members.

    June 17th, SEIPS range. Home Page

    Go To Log In or Register - IDPA and click the link for 3rd party website to register.

    10 Stage 142 Minimum Round Tier 2 sanctioned match. Match will be held under the 2017 IDPA Rules. This will be a lost brass match. Competitors must be current IDPA members with a classification score within 365 days in the division entered. IDPA Novice Classified shooters are welcome.

    Lunch will be provided on the day of the match.

    A post match raffle drawing will be held for all Shooters and Staff eligible.

    We request volunteers for additional Safety Officers. SO's selected to work the match will have their registration fee refunded. Staff will shoot on Friday June 16, 2017

    Limited RV Parking (no hookups) available on the range. Contact the Match Director

    Bill Orr
    Match Director
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    Would be nice to go but just to far for me to drive.

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