Ians Top 5 SMGs


I definitely agree with the Heckler and Koch selection as Numero Uno. Security forces at Heathrow Airport in London can't be wrong. Never shot one myself, but I used it as a device in my book, Revenge Story.

I guess you can't REALLY count this one as a SMG, but one of my favorites is an oldie but a goodie: The classic M-16 with the full auto feature. (Not the safe/semi/3-round burst version)

EDIT: I really thought the Uzi would be on the list, but it wasn't.
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I've also only fired the #1 on his list but can't argue with his #5-#2.

I was lucky enough to be able to put many rounds down range with the MP5. Beautiful piece of equipment.

The only other SMG's that I have very little trigger time with are the Mac10 and Uzi. Didn't like the Mac and the Uzi was OK. Neither come close to the MP5.

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MP5s are great, but the Vz61 Scorpion is my favorite.

Suomi is good but heavy and awkward.

I have not shot the other two.

That Beretta sure looked good. There is another Beretta the PAX, that should be fantastic as it is a new design.

PPSh is a treat to shoot, I have been told that MP40s are like sewing machines, smooth and accurate, sadly I have yet to shoot one.

CZ EVO, is a great shooter, faster and just as easy to control as the MP5, but it is not an MP5, so there is that.

MP7 next to no recoil and easy to get multiple hits, it should be on the list.

UZI's are good but not top 5 good. Certainly iconic.


Lugging around 120lbs with no ammo is a PITA. I can say it was fun shooting belt after belt through the Ma-Duece.
lol, definitely a stationary system. I wouldn’t want to move them. Just the 20 feet from the shop to the test bench was a PITA and that was without a barrel attached. That and the damn little headspace gauge, PITA gun in general.

All said, when it is set up and not moving, ripping through a belt is highly enjoyable.
I dont ever want to see another M2 again. Or M60 for that matter. Especially the M60.

1. Thompson M21. Fun as hell to shoot . Front heavy but easy to keep on target. Love the C Drum.
2. Mp5K . Ive got clones of the MP5 and the MP5K and steals the show. The subguns paint like a brush.
3. MP40. Classic . Probably picking up a tube gun next year.
4. PPSH-41 . My wifes grandmother had one stashed in her basement . Built one myself when I had my 02/07. Ran through probably 20K rounds with that thing. Loved it.
5. The STEN. Come on man those things are iconic and look like they came out of bicycle factories...cause they did.

Honorable mentions to the Karl Gustav and M76 Smith and Wesson. Oh, and the Grease Gun. Can I have more than 5 please?
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