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I wish they woulld be caught, no good dirty rats

Me and my friend went up to set up our turkey blinds last week end, and when coming home we decided to stop at the Stevenson range for some brass policeing. Well low and behold the place was a fricking mess! garbage everywere, some dumb ahole took his garbage there instead of the dump. man im still mad as ****. people like that should be tied behind the truck and dragged back to the main road. So if you see dumb aholes doing this call the sheriff. They make the rest of use look bad.
As bad are the obnoxious hunters (poachers?) who leave rotting deer and pig carcasses/parts right in the center of shooting spots
What I really find amazing is that people will even trash private ranges. ARPC has a number of metal target holders that are all shot up. These target holders are metal bases that stick up no more than a few inches off the ground, and you put wood sticks in them. Yet people shoot up the bases and destroy them, making them useless for other members to use.

People use steel core ammo to shoot up the metal targets. They shoot patterns on the attachment bolts. They shoot steel core ammo at the handgun plate rack. Etc.

You just can't fix stupid, I'm afraid. Even when it hurts them in the long run (via higher range membership fees).
As bad are the obnoxious hunters (poachers?) who leave rotting deer and pig carcasses/parts right in the center of shooting spots
Or at boat launches, turnouts, farmers fields, or any other area they can find. It's a sticking point with me too and I wonder why more hunters and fishermen don't complain.
Still I hear the OP's point - the illegal dumping in SWW and the Coast is unbelievable.


ARPC Speed Steel
ARPC (Albany Rifle & Pistol Club)
29999 Saddle Butte Rd, Shedd, OR 97377, USA
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Cerberus Training Group
47 Cattle Dr, Goldendale, WA 98620, USA


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