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I was wondering if this is happening in Oregon and how would we find out?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jjackffrost, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. jjackffrost

    jjackffrost central oregon Active Member

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  2. dallen1x

    dallen1x Wil_Val, OR Active Member

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    ORS 166.291 ……If a nationwide criminal records check is necessary, the sheriff shall request the Department of State Police to conduct the check, including fingerprint identification, through the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation shall return the fingerprint cards used to conduct the criminal records check and may not keep any record of the fingerprints.

    ….(b) The sheriff may enter into an agreement with the Department of Transportation to produce the concealed handgun license. (I don’t know if any Oregon sheriff does this.)(An interesting part about DMV is that they keep your picture 'on file' for future reference.)

    (7) Immediately upon acceptance of an application for a concealed handgun license, the sheriff shall enter the applicant’s name into the Law Enforcement Data System indicating that the person is an applicant for a concealed handgun license or is a license holder. (This is the interesting part. This ‘Data System’ is the one that Oregon uses to track criminals. This ‘Data’ is possibly shared with the Feds.)

    There are to many loopholes here.....and private information could be mis-used. :(
  3. pokerace

    pokerace Newberg Well-Known Member

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  4. fxdc

    fxdc Da Valley USPSA, SPEED STEEL, IDPA, 3 GUN

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    LEDS is a database used by LE, this will also show if a permit has been issused. And any HISTORY they need to know about on a person or a CAD sheet on an incident.
  5. wayoutwest

    wayoutwest Polk County, Oregon Active Member

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    LEDS does not track CAD information