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I want one of these bumper stickers

What did we ever do before the interwebz? :D

Do be cautious of the security element with these types of bumper stickers. You're basically telling the world that you own guns...and there might be one in this car. It could make you a target for thieves and the like.

Here's the one in your photo...

Plenty of other variants though...

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Bumper sticker logic ...Can be funny , yet often is too simplistic , to make for a lasting conversation.

That said , I do like the bumper sticker in the OP...and have on many occasions used that same quote in a conversation.

As for having bumper stickers on your all depends on where you live and where you go with it.
It does seem best however , to be a bit more discreet nowadays.

I do get tired of having to "hide" my liking of guns and hunting , etc...
Me and my guns are not the problem , nor are the other millions of guns and gun owners...
Yet we are often held accountable for the misdeeds of others , who we have no control over and judged by the actions of a few , again who we have no part of.


Yes, I too really like this bumper sticker. Wish I could safely apply it to my rear window. However I have seen [recently] vehicles damaged, keyed, or broken into by non-agreeing disagreeables who cannot tolerate a different perspective other than their own. It would look awesome on my bunny safe ;-) down in my bunny room. You know ...
personally i don't put any stickers/decals on my vehicles. less attraction from people and thieves.


Along these same lines, I've often wondered, what kind of Bumper Snickers the CRAZY School etc. Shooters are wearing on their Combat Vehicles these days???
Come to think of it, why not use a semi-expendable vehicle as bait?
Park a low-value car covered with right wing stickers in a carefully chosen location. ;)
Overwatch with Wrist Rockets, axe handles, pepper spray - use your imagination. :)
When the bait is attacked the sky is blackened with a tsunami of boiled marbles, rusty nuts and bolts, etc. which rain down like the Wrath of God. :mad:
Nobody saw nuffin, dindoo nuffin. They must have been injured when a satellite's orbit decayed and it dropped to Earth. :rolleyes:
Why, holy mackerel - look at the damage they did (of which some is undoubtedly unavoidable collateral damage from the Rain of satellite debris from the sky.) before we became aware of what they were doing. :eek:
Then when we politely requested that they cease and desist from their vandalism they threatened us with bicycle locks, screwdrivers, and other improvised weapons. ;)
We were in fear of death or great bodily harm, based on their past actions. :D
I don't wish to answer any questions until I have conferred with legal counsel. :p
That was satire, folks. I am not advocating entrapping and harming them. REALLY!!
Actually, it pretty closely resembles one possible scenario as recently envisioned by Mr. Bracken and seen as Gedankenexperiment. As political violence evolves and metastasizes Right and Left will lure and ambush. I have no desire to get involved.
I really do believe that the Hard Left wants to precipitate 1968 level violence and disruption. Either that or they way overestimate the level of support for putting all of Central America on Welfare and Medicare after they move in and register to vote.
Instead of a bumper sticker get it as a T-shirt. This way you can experience any negative reaction of the antis face to face - and if one of them wants to get 'physical' well then they get charged with assualt.


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