I voted

And we helped get rid of some of those morons. Now we need to get better people to run for the next ones. And hold the fire to the feet of these. Maybe then we can avoid and major problems.


Not with much help from oregon

What our country needs is a second choice option for example say you are a democrat but not because you want to be a democrat but you just hate republicans (now this goes both ways i'm just using democrat as a example)

you want to vote for that independent candidate because he actually appears to have a brain and appears to be honest and actually has good things to say about himself rather than bash others.

but you know if you vote for that independent candidate it not may but will mean that your giving up a vote to the other side since its only going to be a republican or democrat thats gonna win.

what if you could vote 2 candidates and your vote will go to the one with the most votes now what that would do is now you can vote for your independent and your democrat and who ever is winning in votes, your vote will go to in the end.

So on the other side there is a replublican who feels the same way he likes that independent as well but he is not going to give up that vote and he will vote for the replublican canidate even if does not like him

so now you have 1 vote for democrate and 1 vote replublican and 2 votes for the independent so the real winner will be the one that the people as a whole really wants rather than the least of 2 evils

and if that independent is not the better choice then all votes go where they need to go for a true winner.

I know this will never happen since it would work to make for a more honest government
Instant Runoff Voting like that is a pretty interesting system in use in various places in the U.S. and other countries. Seems like a pretty good idea. Which, like you point out eldbillbo, likely means we won't see it tried out for national elections here! Though in '08 both Sen. McCain & Pres. Obama supported the concept...

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