Buying or selling, there is little/no excuse to blow off a verbal agreement without the simple courtesy of a timely phone call (WELL IN ADVANCE of either party showing up to sit around waiting for the other). Gas is expensive and time is priceless.
Then I go back to my original suggestion. 😜 A seller can give it a little time before responding to anyone. Cherry pick which offer/buyer you prefer, then honor it.
Taken from the Classified System Rules Page of NWFA:

4. All sale ads are required to have a price
5. Follow through once you commit to a purchase, sale, or trade

"All sale ads are required to have a price" means you cannot state in your ad that you are taking offers. Soliciting offers is similar to auction style. You can legitimately post an item for sale with a stated price, then sit back and wait to see what happens. Which means people will contact you, expecting to buy the item at the posted price (but sometimes they offer less). If you PM them back and mention that you are actually angling for a higher price, they might just think you are a greedy jackwagon and will end the conversation. Or not, who knows how desparate they are for the item. Myself, I don't like being played around as to price.

I have to say, when I've sold objects, I've had third parties come to me and offer more money. Meaning, buy it out from under the initial buyer that I've agreed to sell to. I turn them down flat. There is no honor in chasing down the last dime in a situation like that.

If something is priced intelligently, a seller won't have to game buyers. If you're unsure of a price point, list on a legitimate auction site and achieve price discovery that way.

Some people maybe haven't read the NWFA Classified Rules page, but I have to say, it isn't easily found. It isn't posted with the Classified sections, at least not that I can see. It's buried with the Help information.
For clarification, my theory of higher price obtained for item has been proven wrong by actual buyer of item who had no knowledge of prior deal established (and has offered item to me at same price he paid, standup move and I honestly hope he enjoys the item). Makes it a less douche move by the seller, slightly…

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