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How about a Glock 19 or Sig M17?
Do they have magazine restrictions?
Yes, do not "import" mags that hold over 10 rounds. Now of course MANY do this all the time. You would have to be doing something to get attention to run into trouble. Still the "safe" way to do it has nothing to do with having a WA carry permit (CPL), its all about just do not bring into the state guns or mags they no longer sell here. Again though you would need to be doing something to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Make sure it is unloaded is the key. No doubt the communist that wrote this tripe got a chuckle out of the first 5 words of subsection 2a- "(2)(a) A person shall not carry..." Purely antithetical to the 2A.

And more general info from WGL-

For the mags, you are relying on somebody's definition of "import" for 10+ rounders.

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